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Ship Waste Agency – launches SWANET

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ship waste agency logoShip Waste Agency – launches SWANET the first collaborative platform to comply with MARPOL I, II, III, IV, V; Directive  2000/59/EU and as part of your Garbage Management Plan!

SWANET is the only ship waste management software platform that meets current and future regulations and      streamlines the fleet waste management process directly from the vessel up to ship manager, ship agent, waste collector, and port authority.

Using SWANET Benefits include:

Company Environmental Policy

  • – Comply with current/pending environmental regulations worldwide.
  • – ISO14001 – Continuous Environmental Improvement.

Regulations and Standards

  • – MARPOL – Annex I, II, III, IV, V – IMO
  • – EU Directives including upcoming 2010/65/EU directive on      electronic reporting.
  • – Electronic log books – Garbage Record Book , Oil Record Book,       etc.
  • – Saves time and is efficient eliminating reporting errors and fines.
  • -Streamlines the implementation of a fleet wide waste management.
  • -Tracking and measuring waste activities by ship by fleet by      area.
  • -Optimize reporting and speeds up waste unloading.

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