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IFLN members to benefit from CargoWise expertise

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Michel Vanlerberghe

Michel Vanlerberghe

December  23rd 2012 – IFLN, the Texas-headquartered worldwide network of independent  freight forwarders, has confirmed a global partnership deal with CargoWise,   international logistics software provider, that will enable all the group’s  members to boost productivity, and reduce costs, by accessing industry-leading  technology.

EdiEnterprise  software from CargoWise is currently used by many IFLN members, as well as 21 of  the top 25 largest freight forwarders in the world. The new agreement will make  it easier for IFLN members to access the software and rapidly benefit from the  productivity improvements it offers.

Based  on a single database which combines sales, marketing, financial and  organisational data, the ediEnterprise software suite functions across all types  of freight forwarding services – air and ocean, as well as consolidation and  NVOCC shipments, imports, exports, transhipments and  on-forwarding.

The  software also provides integrated electronic manifesting between branches and  overseas partners, which eliminates costly double entry of shipment data. As a  result, communications between IFLN members using the electronic messaging  function in ediEnterprise will be quicker and more efficient.

Michel  Vanlerberghe, IFLN President, believes that the CargoWise deal will facilitate  even greater levels of business sharing between members of the IFLN network as  operating from the same, sophisticated software platform will enable them to  compete more effectively with the big, multinational  forwarders.

He  describes the deal as “a significant vehicle to strengthen the network and a big  step in IFLN’s development”.

Volodya Bilanovsky

Volodya Bilanovsky

Volodya  Bilanovsky, VP Partner Management at CargoWise, comments: “We  are delighted to be working with an organization that covers an extensive,   geographically-distributed network which closely aligns with our own global  reach.”

He  continues: “Through this partnership, IFLN members will have the opportunity to  standardise many of their processes, which will allow them to achieve  operational efficiencies both as individual organizations, and in terms of the  way they exchange data and information across the entire network of distributed  agents. By using integrated data interfaces to communicate across their  partner network, IFLN agents around the world would be able to reduce processing  times by up to 80 percent through the automation of many data-based processes  such as manifest data processing, job statuses, PODs and so on.”

Bilanovsky  concludes: “This capacity to exchange data without manual intervention provides  an enormous fillip to productivity, and to the level of interactivity between  transnational partners, boosting the value of the IFLN network to participating  members.”

About  IFLN

The  IFLN Network is a unique alliance of specially selected members that work  together to provide comprehensive supply chain solutions on a global basis. The  IFLN Network comprises 200 specialist freight companies in 85 countries around  the world. For more information, visit www.ifln.net


CargoWise  is a global leader in logistics technology solutions that improve visibility,   efficiency, quality of service and profitability. For  more information visit www.cargowise.com

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