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Rickmers Shipmanagement achieves accredited GL ISO 50001 Certification for vessels and offices

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Hamburg/Germany, 14 January 2013 – Rickmers becomes the first German company operating in the maritime industry and one of only a handful of shipping companies in the world to achieve certification to the ISO 50001 Energy Management System standard.

Rickmers Shipmanagement received the accredited ISO 50001 certification from GL Systems Certification (GL) for its offices in Hamburg and Singapore, as well as for ten ships from its fleet. The handover of the certificates took place at the Rickmers head office in Hamburg on the 10th of January 2013. All audits were completed successfully in 2012 by GL auditors, with plans in place to add nine more ships in early 2013.

ISO 50001 is a voluntary international standard that gives companies a framework for developing targets and implementing policies with the aim of improving energy efficiency, quality of services and reduction of emissions. In Rickmers, ISO 50001 is seamlessly implemented into its Integrated Management System, a framework that, at present, covers the obligatory elements of ISM and ISPS, as well as the ISO standards ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.

The successful implementation of the ISO 50001 standard within a period of just six months underlines the support and commitment from Rickmers’ top management to energy efficiency. “In shipping today, making more efficient use of energy is not only a key factor in a company’s strategy to reduce its impact upon the environment, but an essential part of remaining competitive and reducing bunker costs substantially, ” said Björn Sprotte, Rickmers’ Global Head of Maritime Services.

Last year GL Systems Certification became the first Certification Body, to receive ISO 50001 accreditation from the Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle (DAkkS). “The ISO 50001 standard has up to this point mainly been used in industries with high energy consumption, such as manufacturing. There is a growing awareness in shipping, however, that managing onboard energy consumption is at the heart of their profitability. Through the successful implementation of the SEEMP (Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan) on vessels the achievement of ISO 50001 certification was significantly supported, ” said Philipp Schwarmann, GL’s Product Manager for Energy Management.

The Energy Management System in Rickmers utilises Key Performance Indicators and ship-specific baselines to ensure the continuous improvement of energy efficiency in ship operations, technical modifications, maintenance and procurement. Best practices and lessons learnt are circulated across ships and fleets. “Ensuring efficient communication between the ship, office fleet team and top management has become one of the main focus points for our energy efficiency program. Overall awareness of energy efficiency and transparency of the developed system are crucial, ” said Sebastian Sala, Energy Efficiency, Rickmers Shipmanagement.

About Rickmers Group

Rickmers Group is an established international ship owner and provider of assets, ship management and technical services for the shipping industry. Rickmers operates a fleet of 106 ships, with over 3, 000 people employed at sea and around 450 employees ashore in more than 20 branches and over 50 agencies across the world. Under the Rickmers Linie brand it operates a fleet of 20 specialised Heavy lift/Multi-Purpose vessels that serve customers globally.

The combination of modern services and over 175 years of tradition in shipping has earned Rickmers Group a reputation for reliability and quality. For additional information, please visit Rickmers Group’s website at www.rickmers.com.

About GL Group

The GL Group provides classification, verification and engineering consulting services to the maritime, renewables and oil & gas industries. The Group has offices in more than 80 countries and operates more than 200 stations worldwide. Since its foundation as a classification society in 1867, it has built up global delivery capabilities in each of its three business segments with a comprehensive service portfolio in technical assurance and consulting.

Since 2007, GL has embarked on a transformation of its business by growing through acquisitions. Each acquisition was chosen either to build additional capabilities or to enhance GL’s ability to deliver its services on a consistent basis globally.

GL Systems Certification offers certification of management systems in the fields of quality, environment, health and safety, energy and the maritime sector. www.gl-group.com

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