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IARO welcomes the UK Government’s announcement on High Speed Two

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The International Air Rail Organisation (IARO) has welcomed the UK Government’s announcement that the preferred route of phase 2 of the proposed High Speed Two rail line will serve Manchester Airport.  However, IARO is disappointed that the link to London Heathrow  Airport is to be put on hold, pending the outcome of the Airports Commission.

Phase 1 of the High Speed Two route is to include a Birmingham Interchange Station which would serve Birmingham Airport and would be completed by 2026.  Phase 2, for completion by 2032, will include a new station at Manchester Airport which would not only serve the Airport but would also serve the wider areas around Manchester.

IARO President Paul Le Blond said: “Airport stations on high speed lines are key components in an integrated transport network which provides choice for passengers and benefits to air and rail industries and to the economy as a whole.  There are very good examples around the world of such air-rail integration and it is good to see that the UK’s plans allow for this at Manchester and Birmingham Airports.  However, the delay in the plan to provide such an integrated arrangement at Heathrow is disappointing.  Heathrow is the UK’s largest airport and planning for the High Speed Two link to Heathrow should continue while the Airport’s future is being decided.”

About the IARO

The International Air Rail Organisation was founded in 1997 and is a London-based, world-wide association which is a portal to information on railways to airports.  Its mission is to spread world class best practice and good practical ideas.

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