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Busy conference year lies ahead for IMarEST

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David Loosley

David Loosley

With a dozen conferences programmed, 2013 promises to be a busy year for the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST).

Embracing civil and defence topics, marine engineering, marine science, offshore oil and gas and LNG, environmental issues, and the Arctic, the 2013 conferences are designed to reflect current maritime concerns and will present the latest innovations in marine engineering, science or technology.

“We have a really stimulating programme to share with members and the global marine community alike, ” says IMarEST Chief Executive, David Loosley. “Some are editions of successful established events that are traditionally held every year, or biennially; a further six are brand new events being held in Houston, Texas; Singapore; Cyprus; Amsterdam and  London– we are eager to ensure that IMarEST events reach as wide an audience as possible, for our 15, 000 members are based in over a hundred countries around the world.”

The 2013 programme

The outline programme with descriptive details on each event is now on the IMarEST website at www.imarest.org/Portals/0/IMarEST/Events/ForthcomingIMarESTEvents2013Flyer.pdf  – event titles, themes, dates and venue are: 

IMarEST 110th Annual Dinner

22 March 2013, London, UK

Marine Science Career Path Launch

9 April 2013, Southampton, UK

Including a series of lectures examining the relationship between Marine Science, Technology and Engineering:

  • Marine Hazards: Waiting for the Flood, Monday 21 January 2013, UCL, London (completed)
  • Shipping and the Environment Lecture, Monday 18th March 2013, UCL, London
  • Invasive Species Lecture, Tuesday 7th May 2013, UCL, London

2nd IMarEST Ballast Water Technology

Conference Sponsored by VIDEOTEL

Harmonisation, Certification and Supply

9 – 10 May 2013, London, UK


Transforming Naval Capabilities – Riding the Next Technology Wave

14 – 16 May 2013, Singapore

The IMarEST Gordon Hodge Memorial Lecture

The Marine Technologist

Date TBC 2013, London, UK

This lecture will follow on from the Council meeting


1st IMarEST LNG Ship Fuel Technology

Can Technology Cope with Commercial Expectations?

22 – 23 May 2013, Antwerp, Belgium

2nd IMarEST Ship Noise and Vibration

Conference Sponsored by VIDEOTEL

The Next Big Challenge for Shipping

19 – 20 June 2013, London, UK

Engine As A Weapon V (EAAW) International Symposium

Delivering Military Effect: A holistic Approach to Combat and Platform System Integration

16 – 17 July 2013, Bristol, UK


1st IMarEST Offshore Oil & Gas Technology Conference

Latest Challenges in Deepwater and Offshore Engineering

August 2013, Houston, Texas, USA

Metocean Awareness Course

17 – 19 September 2013, UK

4th IMarEST Condition Based Maintenance Conference

A Smart Approach to Maintenance for Owners

25 – 26 September 2013, London, UK


Marine Electrical and Control Systems Safety Conference (MECSS)

Delivering Integrated, Dependable, Safe and Reliable Systems

2 – 3 October 2013, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

3rd IMarEST Prevention of Marine Failures Conference

Avoiding the Cost of Failure

9 – 10 October 2013, London, UK


1st IMarEST Emissions Conference

Ensuring that Shipping is Ready with the Right Technology

22 – 23 October 2013, Cyprus

Stanley Gray Lecture

Deep Sea Exploration

14 November 2013, London, UK

4th IMarEST Ship Propulsion Systems Conference

Efficiency and Compliance

20 – 21 November 2013, London, UK

2nd IMarEST Arctic Shipping and Offshore Technology Forum

Technical Challenges of Profit with Environmental Safety

4 – 5 December 2013, Warnemünde, Germany

Further information on all aspects of IMarEST’s work with, and on behalf of, members is available at www.imarest.org with details of events at www.imarest.org/events.

About the IMarEST

The Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST) is the leading international membership body and learned society for all marine professionals. The IMarEST is the first Institute to bring together marine engineers, scientists and technologists into one international multi-disciplinary professional body. It is the largest marine organisation of its kind with a worldwide membership of 15, 000 based in over 100 countries.  

Working with the global marine community, the IMarEST promotes the scientific development of marine engineering, science and technology, providing opportunities for the exchange of ideas and practices and upholding the status, standards and expertise of marine professionals worldwide.

The IMarEST is a respected authority in every maritime country. It is a Non-Governmental Organisation at the UN International Maritime Organization (IMO), has special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC) and is a nominated and licensed body of the Engineering Council (UK), a member of the Science Council and has significant links with many other maritime organisations worldwide.

IMarEST also run a series of industry leading events and conferences as well as publishing internationally recognised titles: Marine Engineers Review (MER); Shipping World and Shipbuilder; Maritime IT and Electronics; Marine Scientist; and Offshore Technology

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