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VIDEOTEL simplyfies Oil Record Book management

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mca_oil record bookWhilst the marine engineer takes great pride in facing the technical challenges on board a vessel, it is not always true to say that all face the challenge of mandatory paperwork with the same enthusiasm.  Videotel has now stepped in with a timely update to its Oil Record Book programme, part of the Engine Room Waste Management Series, aimed at explaining the importance of keeping the correct records and the benefits to both the vessel and the individual.

“When seafarers face problems with procedure it’s often not because they have been negligent or careless, ” says Nigel Cleave, CEO of Videotel Marine International. “It’s simply that they have found it difficult to tackle the paperwork associated with important tasks – often due to a fear of mistakes or a lack of confidence. This is where good training is essential, and our very visual approach provides the seafarer with the same experience as if they were being taught the job by a trusted colleague.

“Properly completing the Oil Record Book provides proof and protection. It proves that oily waste has been disposed of properly, and it protects against any suggestion that the individual may have broken the law.”

The Oil Record Book  is required to record Machinery Space Operations for every ship of over 400 tons gross tonnage (other than oil tankers) and every oil tanker over 150 tons gross tonnage. It is a legal document that must be properly maintained. The updated Oil Record Book training programme shows engineers how to keep accurate records that will provide evidence to Port State Control that the ship has handled oil and oily waste correctly and that the regulations have been complied with.

The training material is aimed at Engineer officers, cadets and crew and addresses key MARPOL (International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships) and IMO regulations. It is available through Videotel on Demand (VOD), DVD, Computer Based Training and an accompanying workbook

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