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Did I hear you say MRV…?

by admin

EU Parliamnet buiding flagsHow are we doing on the issue of CO2 emission’s monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV)?

  • How the IMO is progressing?
  • And what about the EU with its initiative and value for the environment vis-à-vis a contribution in finding this appropriate global solution for CO2 monitoring from international shipping?
  • For how long this initiative will  be on the “construction” blocks…?
  • What is the position of the European Community Shipowners’ Association on the matter?
  • What is the position of each European Union member state and its respective union?
  • What will China and India do? What’s the American position, as this matter was an American – US led initiative?
  • Is it a way forward for the ETS?

We will be pleased to have views and comments on this matter as this issue is more than important to all intents and purposes – coincidentialy today the European MEPs have a crucial day on the matter!


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