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DSC_5992Over 1, 000 members and guests of the International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA) attended IBIA’s19th annual dinner last Monday at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London’s Park Lane.  

Two drinks receptions, before and after, where the impetus for intense networking – that much needed business ingredient — as Irene Notias of Prime Petroleum Services witnessed!

She told us in a brief telcon:  “Men wearing black tie attire and women appropriate outfits, being marine fuel traders, suppliers, brokers, as well as class society specialists and customers from around the globe, flocked through the doors to meet and enjoy each other’s company, fine food and wine in a night graced by IBIA chairman,   Nigel Draffin, who set the tone with his most becoming and profound statement for these stressful times:

GAC's Georgia Paravalou, Lloyd's Register's Kostas Pappadakis, R&K's and HESGB President Dimitris Monioudis, Prime Petroleum's Irene Notias and Victoria Steamship's  Eleni Filippou

GAC’s Georgia Paravalou, Lloyd’s Register’s Kostas Pappadakis, R&K’s and HESGB President Dimitris Monioudis, Prime Petroleum’s Irene Notias and Victoria Steamship’s Eleni Filippou

‘From coal to oil
From oil to gas
The bunker world moves on.
Our nineteenth dinner
Gives us proof that
IBIA is strong.
So bless our food
Our wine and beer
And bless our joyful chatter
And help us, Lord,
To understand
That friendship really matters.

The welcome speech was delivered by chairman-elect Simon Neo who thanked Nigel Draffin for his hard work during his year in office. He then introduced IBIA’s the new chief eExecutive Cliff Brand who was appointed to this position in October 2012. The dinner was sponsored by Aegean Marine Petroleum.”

GAC's Nkos Marmatsouris flanked by Aegean' Marine Petroleum's Dorothy Papadogiannis and Georgia

GAC’s Nkos Marmatsouris flanked by Aegean’ Marine Petroleum’s Dorothy Papadogiannis and Georgia Kounalaki

Irene Notias ended her call by saying that: “It was a lovely, classy event and it was only for the fuel industry; and what I liked was that there were lots of friends there from all over the world.  A very international event!”  

George Eliopoulos from Seaview Shipping and Trading “…noticed the biggest ever number of women” – supporters of the Women’s International Shipping & Trading Association (WISTA) should be more than pleased with this observation! Indeed the presence of nearly 200 women proved their breakthrough in this particular field.

The Greeks were there in full force, confirming their very strong contribution. Apart from Aegean Petroleum, other sponsors  included: Akron, Platts, Total, Oryx Energy and BP Marine!

There were just over 50 company tables – some had two and three!   Lastly we thank Nikos Marmatsouris of GAC in Piraeus for his nice shots.

P.S. And don’t forget your bunkers and lubes: your vessels’ livelihood !

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