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Deutsche WindGuard Offshore Helicopter Underwater Escape Training Certified by GL RC

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Exiting the helicopter underwater escape trainer. Photocredit: Deutsche WindGuard

Exiting the helicopter underwater escape trainer. Photocredit: Deutsche WindGuard

Hamburg, 4 March 2013 – GL Renewables Certification (GL RC) has certified Deutsche WindGuard Offshore GmbH’s Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) courses. Helicopter transport is an important way for technical personnel to reach offshore wind farm installations, but before getting on board, a certified training course must be passed. GL RC certifies training providers to its standards, which set out the fundamental prerequisites for efficient training, such as proper organisation of the training course, careful documentation and high-quality teaching equipment and materials.

The importance of training in the offshore industry is highlighted by figures recently announced by the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA). The association estimates that the number of people employed in offshore wind will rise to 170, 000 in 2020, a five fold increase from 2010.

“The demand for safety training is increasing with the expansion of offshore wind industry, ” confirms Reinhold Heller, Expert for Certification of Training Systems at GL RC. “This is why we developed a technical note for the “Certification of Training Programs and Training Systems in the Renewable Energy Industry” which has recently been updated to meet the latest developments in the industry.”

Completing a HUET course, as provided by Deutsche WindGuard Offshore GmbH, is compulsory for everyone who has to reach his workplace on the high seas by helicopter, such as offshore technicians, maintenance staff and installation experts for the construction of wind farms.
“Certification by GL RC allows us to offer a full set of training courses for the on- and offshore wind industry, says Niels Erdmann, Managing Director of Deutsche WindGuard.

About Deutsche WindGuard
Deutsche WindGuard is one of the leading consulting companies in the German wind energy industry with 100 employees.  Headquartered in Varel, Germany, it is a fast growing international company providing a broad range of engineering services in all areas of wind energy utilisation, from site assessment issues to the complete surveying of wind turbines for on and off-shore. In addition, Deutsche WindGuard offers tailor-made safety training courses for personnel wishing to access wind turbines offshore.

About GL Renewables Certification
GL Renewables Certification has issued guidelines which cover testing conditions, safety systems and quality requirements, for both onshore and offshore installations, in a variety of technical fields. For owners, manufacturers, operators, supplier firms, investors, banks and insurance companies alike certification is an important prerequisite for safe, reliable and highly productive facilities. GL Renewables Certification has offices in Germany, the U.S., Canada, India and China, and employs 185 people worldwide.

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