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Women of the World: we can see the horizon, let’s conquer it together!

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The statue of Laskarina Bouboulina in Sptses, Greece - Women to admire

Women to admire: The statue of Laskarina Bouboulina in the island of Spetses, Greece 

This Women’s International Day comes at a very turbulent and interesting times in the world’s history with everything happening at the same time: Tsunamis, disasters, financial catastrophes, scandals, wars, shipping crisis you name it. It is in these times more than ever that women are called to have their say, and to establish a new era in humanity.

Dear All, Men and Women, Women and Men. On behalf of all at www.allaboutshipping.co.uk wish you, both Men and Women all the very best for today’s International Women’s Day! Coinciding with my twenty plus minutes live SBC TV appearance earlier on, I wished from the bottom of my heart Happy Women’s Day and explained to the viewers the importance of women in our shipping adventure!

www.allaboutshipping.co.uk, devotes a great number of space on women from all over over the world and today I grasped the chance to praise our Women in shipping! The figure Mother, that thanks to her for our wealth and success in all fields and sectors of the industry, the figure Wife and the figure Daughter and Granddaughter too, who kept alive our lives and business acumen, particularly on maritime nations, such as the United Kingdom, Japan, Norway, Indonesia, Spain, Portugal, Italy, China, Denmark and Greece with its hundreds of islands, alone these women dealing with everyday life, educating, not just bringing up children and saving money for us, their men, to participate in the business venture of ownership, indeed ownership –the most appropriate example of “social capitalism” in its true version and extent.. Today, it is not a myth, but a reality that women hold the upper level in the shipping industry, a very difficult and demanding area of business. Congratulations to all women shipowners, wives of seafarers of all ranks, lawyers, business fashion designers, jewellers for the shipping industry of course….!!!!, shipbrokers, coast guard officers and naval officers and personnel, class society surveyors, naval architects and marine engineers, IT consultants and administration specialists, academics, communication managers, claims specialists, diplomats, journalists, flag state administrators, medical doctors and nurses, bankers and financiers, seafarers, all! On purpose, I haven’t mentioned women politicians, as there are very few exemptions and hope women there too, do the right thing – it is about time!

The creation of WISTA nearly forty years ago, slowly but steadily shows the immense contribution of women in our field and to a greater extent in furthering the business and helping society to all intents and purposes.

As things get sour – and soon we will be faced with incalculable repercussions, we hope to see you in re-visiting Lysistrata, now the talk of the town in London, and do it down there in Greece, for a start – you dead well know what I mean, in Europe, for the sake of world’s humanity !

You now know why a ship is called  a she!

Happy International  Women[s Day 2013!

Thank you,

John Faraclas

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Maria Dixon March 9, 2013 - 12:20 AM

Dear John

In the name of WISTA-UK many thanks for all the support you give us constantly.

WISTA-UK is planning the traditional Grand Debate to celebrate International Women’s Day in April’13.

John, we would like to invite you to be one of our panellist for the Debate.
Readers are cordially inited to visit wista-uk.co.uk where we will post all the details about the Debate and how to purchase tickets.

Maria Dixon


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