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Budget delivers some positives for freight forwarders

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Peter Quantrill

Peter Quantrill

London – The British International Freight Association (BIFA) has welcomed the news from today’s budget that the 3p  increase in fuel duty planned for September this year will not go  ahead.

Peter Quantrill, Director General of the trade  association for UK freight forwarding companies says: “Over the last 12  months the government has twice postponed fuel duty increases.
“I hope that today’s scrapping of September’s planned increase is a sign that the government will now eliminate fuel duty  rises for the rest of this parliament.
“That would go someway to delivering the sort of  long term certainty that our association’s members want, but it does not  mean that we will stop asking for an outright cut, the introduction of an  essential user rebate and some form of fuel duty stabilisation  mechanism.”
Prior to the budget, BIFA expressed hope that the  budget would bring some positive news about investment in transport  infrastructure and Quantrill also welcomed the news that the government will  allocate an extra £3billion every year from 2015-2016 to 2020 to  infrastructure projects including roads and railways.

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