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FUGRO EMU Limited aims to become a world leader in marine environmental services

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FugrologoWhiteBackgr4COn 1 January 2013 Fugro’s three UK-based environmental service providers (Fugro ERT, Fugro Survey Environmental and EMU) merged to form Fugro EMU Limited, the largest commercial marine environmental services organisation in the UK, employing in excess of 220 staff with expertise in oil and gas, renewables, aggregates, ports and harbours, cables and pipelines.

Simon Shaw

Simon Shaw

Simon Shaw, Managing Director of Fugro EMU Limited, explains: “Fugro EMU aims to be a world leader in the provision of marine and coastal environmental services, complementing Fugro’s international reputation and the group’s capabilities in the marine sector.

“Fugro EMU will build on the excellent reputation of the three predecessor organisations within all industry sectors. In the oil and gas industry we have over 40 years’ experience and have undertaken over 150 environmental assessments and 1, 000 environmental surveys for exploration, development and decommissioning projects. The merger is already paying dividends with all the component parts of the new organisation working to a common aim.

“Our track record of providing high quality consultancy, survey and analysis services will act as a springboard for further growth. We plan to further diversify our range of oil and gas services, while retaining the tailored, fit-for-purpose approach that clients and regulators have come to expect from us.”

Fugro EMU marine offshore services include:

•             Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

•             Oil Pollution Emergency Planning (OPEP)

•             PONs, Offshore Chemical Tracking & EEMS

•             Environmental survey (baseline, monitoring and habitat mapping)

•             Marine mammal monitoring (MMO and PAM)

•             Biological, microbiological and chemical laboratory services

•             Oil spill fingerprinting and forensics

•             GIS and data management

•             Training and industry advice

As part of the Fugro Group, Fugro EMU delivers a total solution to all our clients, integrating environmental consultancy, survey and analysis together with Fugro’s other earth science services.  Further information regarding Fugro EMU oil and gas services is available from contact@fugroemu.com  or +44 (0) 1489 860050.


Fugro is a world leading service-provider in the collection and interpretation of data relating to the Earth’s surface and sub-surface, and in the support of infrastructure developments on land, at the coast and on the seabed.

Through its international network, Fugro provides the expertise and technology that support the exploration, development, production and transportation of the world’s natural resources.


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