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John N. Faraclas

John N. Faraclas

So who’s next after the recent Greek and Cypriot tragedies? Aeschylus revisited says quite a lot! by John Faraclas

The under duress latest Greek and Cypriot fiascos will continue for the foreseeable feature until the perpetrators of this new geopolitical and geostrategic game fall in their own trap and their “representatives” in Greece and Cyprus sit in the dock!

Having said that, we will soon see more nations, particularly the southern European ones, as well as the mini-states of Europe collapse. In this melee we are going to witness despicable scenes. The oxymoron though is represented by the next Muppet puppet show teams ready to take over the reigns as new regimes in Greece, Cyprus and other countries within the EU and Eurozone, which will soon “follow suit”….

In the meantime all the “democratically” elected European Governments and Institutions and their cronies continue the destruction of public life to all intents and purposes; everybody knows! Civil liberties have long ago ceased to exist… One wonders how Commissioner Michel Barnie comes out…  from the cold to tell us the that the Cyprus model has failed… Since when, and why the 500 million of European citizens were unaware of this situation, who was and why “covering up” this “failed model” per his saying?  Are the people’s deposits safe, no matter the amount,  in all the EU and Europe’s nations banks? What few people know is that asymmetrical situations will take place, without any warning, to all and for all intents and purposes… The international shipping industry is closely watching all these happenings…. At the end of the day, who really wants the Euro, eh….? Come on, speak up!

Moreover, if marine insurance principles, such as CTL1  or no cure no pay where exercised, the Irish, Icelandic, Greek and Cypriot cases would have been different and their outcome much different, but the greedy bankers and their political partners-masters opted otherwise: for a start they knew they were throwing good money after bad. They created a trap, and under the “proviso” of long live social capitalism, they created teratomas by shameless continued lending. Add the shipfinance principle of closely watching/monitoring a ship’s financial performance and you will see what is meant by these principles and controls. The conspiracy theory that many object, is now at its best! Did I hear you say Portugal, Spain, and Italy next on super crisis’ line? Luxemburg, Lichtenstein Andorra….

When the “Name and Shame game” surfaces, when the Pandora Box of Revelations opens, it will be too late for all these business hooligans and their political cronies to escape, as the shit will have already hit the fan – we have already warned you on this coming situ; we eagerly wait to see Nemesis’ actions… By the way, is there any law and order in any European State in place or every day we have new Laws, new Decrees etc., etc., ?

Watch this space!

1 CTL = Constructive Total Loss.

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