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BIBBY Ship Management-run ECDIS training seminar will boost shore manager’s awareness

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While the ECDIS revolution will bring hopes of cost savings and less onboard work for seafarers, shore managersBibby Ship Management (1) are already raising concerns about the need for the right sort of quality training to avoid ‘ECDIS assisted’ groundings and other accidents.

This was behind Bibby’s decision to launch ‘ECDIS – Safety & Compliance – A Shore Manager’s Approach’, which is a half day seminar offering attendees the opportunity to hear from expert guest speakers on the latest industry concerns regarding ECDIS, as well as gaining clarity on in-depth technicalities.

The seminar will be held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Mumbai, Wednesday 3 April, 2013, from 0930-1400 hrs and is organised by the Sir Derek Bibby Maritime Training Centre – which is one of the first facilities to gain Indian Flag State approval to hold ECDIS training. It is also the only training centre in India to be accredited by the UK’s Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA).

About 120 delegates, representing more than 50 different major international shipping companies, are expected to attend the seminar. They will hear from industry experts on the latest information regarding ECDIS regulations and requirements.

Capt, Ashok Menon, Lecturer at the Sir Derek Bibby Training Centre, said poorly maintained equipment and poor quality training could lead to accidents at sea. “There is a strong fear that poorly trained officers who may be independently manning their watches can cause ‘ECDIS assisted’ groundings & other accidents.

Secondly, poor standards of ECDIS equipment, which may just manage to qualify for basic ECDIS approvals, can become defective in a harsh marine environment leaving the helpless seafarers in the lurch. The back-up for ECDIS could be another equally inferior ECDIS equipment, ” he said.

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