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Change in the Board of Directors, Corporate Auditors and Executive Officers

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Koichi Muto

Koichi Muto

Tokyo – Mitsui O.S.K. Lines,   Ltd. (President Koichi Muto) today announced that it has decided on the  following changes to its Board of Directors, Corporate Auditors, Executive  Officers, and their responsibilities. These changes are subject to approval at  the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting to be held on June 21,   2013.

1. Board of Directors

– Change of Title of  Director

(New position)                                 (Name)                             (Current Position)

Representative  Director                 Kazuhiro Sato Senior Managing  Executive Officer                                                         



(New position)                                (Name)                             (Current Position)

Director                                        Junichiro Ikeda                 Managing Executive Officer

Director                                        Masahiro Tanabe              Managing Executive Officer

Corporate Auditor                         Takehiko Ota                    General Manager  of Investor Relations  Officer

– Retirement

(Current position)                           (Name)                              (Planned post-retirement assignment)

Representative  Director                  Toshitaka  Shishido               Executive Adviser

Director                                         Masafumi Yasuoka              Adviser

Director                                         Shugo Aoto                          President of

                                                                  MOL Techno-Trade, Ltd

Corporate  Auditor                           Junichi Narita                      Director, Managing Executive Officer of  DAIBIRU  CORPORATION

2. Executive  Officers

– Appointments and  Promotions

(New position)                                       Name)                      (Current position)

ExecutiveVice  President Executive Officer  Kazuhiro Sato             Senior Managing Executive Officer

Senior Managing  Executive Officer               Kenichi Nagata           Managing Executive Officer

Senior Managing  Executive Officer                                                  Junichiro Ikeda Managing Executive Officer

Managing Executive  Officer                         Masaaki Nemoto         Executive  Officer

Managing Executive  Officer                         Toshiya Konishi           Executive  Officer

Executive Officer                                        Hideo Horiguchi           General Manager of Accounting Division

Executive Officer                                        Akio Mitsuta                General Manager of Tanker Division

Executive Officer                                          Koichi Yashima           General Manager of Human Resources Division

– Retirement

(Current position)                                         Name)                         (Planned post-retirement assignment)

Senior Managing  Executive Officer             Soichi Hiratsuka          President of MOL Marine Consulting, Ltd.

Managing Executive  Office                         Makoto Yamaguchi       Executive Adviser

Executive Officer                                       Kazunori Nakai              President of MOL Ferry Co., Ltd

Executive Officer                                      Hiroyuki Fukumoto         Managing Director of MOL Ferry  Co., Ltd.

3. Directors, Auditors  and Executive Officers on and after June 21

-Directors and  Auditors

Board of  Directors

Representative  Director                    Akimitsu Ashida

(Chairman of the  Board)

Representative  Director                    Koichi Muto

Representative  Director                    Kazuhiro Sato

Director                                            Tsuneo Watanabe

Director                                            Junichiro Ikeda

Director                                            Masahiro Tanabe

Director                                             Takeshi Komura

Director                                            Sadayuki  Sakakibara

Director                                             Masayuki Matsushima

Corporate  Auditors

Corporate Auditor                              Masaaki Tsuda

Corporate Auditor                              Takehiko Ota

Corporate Auditor                              Sumio  Iijima

Corporate Auditor                              Hiroyuki Itami

-Responsibilities of  Executive Officers

(Title)                                                (Name)                   (Responsibilities)

Representative  Director

Chairman                                          Akimitsu Ashida

Representative Director

President                                           Koichi Muto

Representative  Director

Executive Vice President  Executive Officer

                         Kazuhiro Sato          Assistant to President


Senior Managing  Executive Officer   Tsuneo  Watanabe     Tanker Division,

                                                         Tanker Safety Management Office

Senior Managing  Executive Officer   Takashi  Kurauchi     Car  Carrier Division

Senior Managing  Executive Officer   Kenichi  Nagata        Coal  and IronOre Carrier Division,

Bulk Carrier  Office,

Dry  Bulk Carrier Supervising Office


Senior Managing  Executive Officer   Junichiro  Ikeda         Liner Division, Human Resources Division,

Research Office


Managing Executive  Officer              Masahiro Tanabe      Finance  Division,

                                                         Accounting Division,

                                                         Investor Relations Office

Managing Executive  Officer           Shizuo Takahashi         Internal Audit Office,

                                                         Secretaries Office,

                                                         Corporate Planning Division,

                                                         Public Relations Office,

                                                         MOL Information Systems, Ltd.

Managing Executive  Officer             Kiyotaka  Yoshida      Technical Division

Managing Executive  Officer             Hirokazu  Hatta         General Affairs Division,

                                                         Group  Business Division,

                                                         Kansai  Area

Managing Executive  Officer           Takeshi Hashimoto      LNG Carrier  Division,

                                                         MOL LNG Transport Co., Ltd.,

                                                         Offshore Business

Managing Executive  Officer              Tetsuro Nishio           Dedicated Bulk Carrier Division

Managing Executive  Officer              Masaaki Nemoto        Human  Resources Division,

                                                          Marine Safety Division,

                                                          Tanker Safety Management Office,

                                                           MOL Ship Management Co., Ltd.,

MOL LNG Transport Co., Ltd.,

Safe  Operation

Managing Executive  Officer             Toshiya Konishi          Liner Division

Executive Officer                            Tsuyoshi  Yoshida        Chairman / President /Chief Executive Officer  of MOL  (America) Inc.

Executive Officer                            Takashi Maruyama     General Manager of  Finance Division                      

Executive Officer                            Akihiko  Ono               General  Manager of Corporate Planning  Division

Executive Officer                              Takaaki Inoue           Marine Safety Division,

                                                         Tanker Safety Management Office,

                                                         MOL Ship Management Co., Ltd.,

                                                         MOL LNG Transport Co., Ltd.

Executive Officer                             Toshiyuki Sonobe       Managing  Director of Mitsui O.S.K. Bulk

                                                         Shipping (Asia Oceania)  Pte.Ltd.,

                                                          Southeast Asia

Executive Officer                             Yoshikazu Kawagoe  General Manager of Technical  Division

Executive Officer                            Hideo  Horiguchi        General Manager of Accounting Division

Executive Officer                            Akio  Mitsuta             General Manager of Tanker Division

Executive Officer                            Koichi Yashima         Human Resources Division

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