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Le Tour de France à la Voile, a popular and festive event !

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To keep in mind:

– The 2013 Tour de France à la Voile goes hand-in-hand with a great celebration on land
– A.S.O. wants to enhance its Animations Village and redeploy life on land (beaches, publicity caravan)
– Publicity Caravan, Sail Climbing, Summer Hit Party, Stand Up Paddle Challenge, there are animations for everyone !
– Animations free for all in each host-city
The 2013 Tour de France à la Voile taking place from June 28 to July 28, will offer the spectators the chance to meet with top sailors such as ; Franck Cammas (2012 Volvo Ocean Race winner), Thomas Coville (skipper of the Sodebo Maxi Trimaran), and Vincent Riou (2004-2005 Vendée Globe winner). These sailors will compete against specialists in the field like Daniel Souben (Courrier Dunkerque skipper and double winner of the TFV) : the competition on the water promises to be intense !

On land in each host-city, the celebration will be in full swing. After buying the Tour de France à la Voile, A.S.O purposely want to give this event a popular dimension and enhance the life on land. For more than one month, the Tour de France à la Voile will welcome a warm and enthusiasm crowd ready to celebrate the summer. The Animations Village is accessible and free for all. Several novelties will please a large audience, whether young or old. Various animations, fun contests, educational games, summer hit party, the program is dense !

Major innovation 2013 : the publicity caravan ! Vehicles, with sound system and wrapped in the colours of the event’s partners, will drive through the host-cities. The hostesses will hand out gifts to the public. Thus, animations related to the event will be set up on the beaches.

For kids, teenagers and families, these animations will be free and accessible for all.
Discover the detailed program of the Tour de France à la Voile here !
Reinforcement of the animations on the Village

Besides the animations that have already been set up in 2012, some fun and educational novelties (sail climbing, paddle boats, games on the French Sailing Federation booth and Lifeguards shows…) are ready for the public. These games and contests, addressed to families, kids, or recreation centre, will be the opportunity to have a warm and enthusiasm crowd within the Tour de France à la Voile’s Village.

Animations Village open every day from 11am to 10pm**

Fun animations and race monitoring

Pass K’do – Novelty 2013 ! : As soon as you arrive on the Village, come by the Official Store to pick up your Pass K’do and your bag of free gifts. The principle is simple: fill out your Pass by participating in animations and collect answers from the animations village. The more you participate and the more you will win presents. Once you finish visiting the Village, drop your completed Pass K’do at the Official Store : you will also be automatically entered in the evening prize draw to win even more gifts !
NeilPryde Stand Up Paddle Challenge – Novelty 2013 ! : Trendy hobby, the Tour de France à la Voile introduces you to this sport that combines strength and balance. Come compete against your friends on the water ! During each stopover of the Tour de France à la Voile, you can try to win a Stand Up Paddle offer by NeilPryde. All you have to do is to participate in the big final in the heart of the Animations Village on the last day of the stage. The registrations for the qualifications are free !
The mountain of sports – Novelty 2013 ! : Bike, rowing, penalty goal, free throw, timed circuit, challenge of any kind. Kids and adults could take up the challenges with their families and friends. Use with moderation !
Sail Climbing – Novelty 2013 ! : Climb in complete safety a 12 meters high mast ! Then, picture yourself in the middle of the ocean surrounded by blue. You are becoming a sailor…or a pirate for one day. It is up to you !

Paddle boat et hamster ball – Novelty 2013 ! : You must know the paddle boat ! But do you know the Arms Padlle Boat ? In a large basin set up in the heart of the Village, the kids will be able to test their biceps ! The older kids will have the chance to walk on water inside a giant bubble, the hamster ball : giggles guaranteed !

Inflatable boat – Novelty 2013 ! : In partnership with le Journal de Mickey, the youngest could jump up and down the giant inflatable boat !

Sailing simulateur* : During the Tour de France à la Voile, it will be possible to sail….on land thanks to the RSQ’BA boat from the brand RS Sailing. On this 3, 53 m long boat, the kids and the teenagers will have the chance to learn sailing. This mechanism is provided by the French Sailing Federation, it reproduces the wind and different speeds from slow to rough. Theses sailors for one day could experience incredible waves of sensation !

Grinder Harken* : All day long, the public will be able to copy the greatest sailors by grinding on the « winch ». Use to set the sails, this pillar is a tool found on the largest offshore racing boats, such as : the multihulls. Everyone will be invited to test his physical abilities by grinding as fast as possible in a minimum of time ! Who will break the record ?

Le Journal de Mickey*: Through the day, the teams of Le Journal de Mickey will offer educational activities. The kids will create their own name tag branded Journal de Mickey and Tour de France à la Voile.
The participants will also go home with presents.

Live race monitoring*! :
Every day, you will be able to follow the regattas broadcasted live on the giant screen and located in the heart of the village. In order not to miss anything from the fierce fight happening on the water, let’s meet up in front of the Animations Village’s stage. Do not hesitate to ask your questions to our commentator ! Olivier Ligné, our speaker, and his daily consultant (manager, skipper…) will reveal all the secrets of the regatta !

Educational Activities

The educational tent of the lifeguards – Novelty 2013 ! :
Come meet the lifeguards inside their tent located on the Animations Village. Their association, known by all, uses the Tour de France à la Voile to explain their actions ; rescue of models, liferaft shows, first aid training, rescue videos…Lifeguards invite you to discover their secrets. !

The Tour de France à la Voile’s booth – Novelty 2013 ! :36 years of history will be told through pictures, stories, and videos with a dedicated tent, in the heart of the Village ! Thanks to this large, fun, and educational exhibition, go back in time with the Tour de France à la Voile and discover its treasures. .
French Sailing Federation* : Sailing for all is possible with the French Sailing Federation ! Animated by a member of the Federation, an educational tent will give the chance for the non-expert in sailing to discover its basics. Explanatory panels, drawing… everyone will understand the basic principles of this amazing sport.
Summer hit party

Summer hit party – Novelty 2013 ! :
The stage of the Tour de France à la Voile will heat up every night. Local groups will open the show every evening before the Tour de France à la Voile’s artists. « Les Jobi’s », ambassador of French, Pop, and Creole music, will make the public travel with them. The temperature will rise with the show « summer hit party » that will heat up the stage of the Tour de France à la Voile : gifts, choregraphy, chorus to sing with Lionel Tim and his DJ … come and celebrate the summer with us !

Redeploy animations on the beaches
On the beach :
The Tour de France à la Voile’s animations also take place on the beaches ! In the same idea that the mountain of sports on the Animations Village, come on the beach and try to take up the challenges in each host-city. Hamster balls, penalties, free throws, timed circuit… everyone will get a taste of what they like !

On the water :
In partnership with NeilPryde and the French Sailing Federation, the TFV offers an introduction to Windsurf and Stand Up Paddle. This is the opportunity to try this trendy sport with family and friends. The skilled ones could try to qualify for the big final of the Stand Up Paddle Neilpryde! Strength, agility, balance are all required for taking up this challenge happening in each host-city.
* 2012 Activities or Animations
**Village opening hours : exceptionally in Dieppe from 10am to 10pm .

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