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Maritime HR Forum annual conference

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AUG SEPT 2011 999THE MARITIME HR Forum, the membership organisation that benchmarks shipping salary data, held its 7th annual conference in a beautiful setting adjacent to London’s Tower Bridge on 6th and 7th June.

The theme of the conference was ‘The Leadership Challenge’ and addressed the transition from ship to shore, the skills shortage, the role of the superintendent, and talent management.
Speakers were HR experts and representatives from Nordic Tankers, Stolt-Nielsen, Pacific Basin, Noble Denton, Green-Jakobsen, MSC Shipmanagement, Danish Shipowners Association, and HR gurus Expert Consulting, One Stop HR, and Bala-Forster.

Questions raised included:

Do seafarers make good managers?
How does leadership training differ from ship to shore?
Should you recruit people with experience, or people with potential?
How can leadership be defined?
Can you teach leadership?
How do women in shipping “navigate the boy’s club”?
How to attract young talent to the shipping industry
What is the secret to making more efficient use of seafarers in shore-based roles?

With panel debates, breakout sessions and interactive group work, some of the world’s largest shipping companies worked together to address the leadership issue.

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