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Onboard the SA Agulhas to commemorate “Day of the Seafarer”

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SEAFER_CEO_CADETS5345 copyAll in a day’s work: Today was the internationally recognised Day of the Seafarer when the South African Maritime Safety Authority paid tribute to the unsung heroes of the seas – marines and seafarers who face the odds at sea.

Captain Shelton Samuels, Captain of the Agulhas gave a quick rundown to eager and enthusiastic Durban youngsters Amukelani Ngubane and his cousins, Sibusisiwe and Sibongakonke, on the dos and don’ts on how to steer a mighty ship through choppy waters.Potential marine pilotsNgubane Cousins Amukelani, Sibusisiwe and Sibongakonke with Captain Captain Sheton Samuela 3


While SAMSA CEO Commander spent most of the day talking to young cadets presently being trained on the premier vessel mostly used for scientific research and which will carry out a return expedition to the Antarctica within the next few months as part of the Coldest Journey Expedition.

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