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The Snowden spy saga: Skeletons in the cupboard of the French too…? Who’s next…

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John N. Faraclas

John N. Faraclas

Without prejudice

The Snowden spy saga: Skeletons in the cupboard of the French too….? Who’s next… By John Faraclas

Back in the summer of 2000,   I stressed the importance of privacy in the shipping industry – like any other business, but here due to the colossal amounts of investments and vested interests involved, we care a bit more to have things remain private. I explained the issue of stealing somebody else’s chartering fixture and what this entails as well as the result… Electronic intrusion in stealing a fixture is well known by me, and same applies to ship sales and purchase transactions. Thirteen years later, things get worse. Now, private doesn’t necessarily mean that no one else knows, particularly in this day and age of technology in telecommunications, but it proves to be inconsistent and pathetic. Inconsistent because, OK you can enter my fields/data, but look no further than this to harm me, my family and company – you dead well know what I mean brothers (there is no such a thing as The Big Brother, better say the Brotherhood, the Fraternity of the Bastards, the Business Hooligans as I have branded them and dozens of times referred to them over the last 13 years!). In the island of Chios* they say: “When two know a secret, another eleven also do”; try to interpret this…  You all know the Spanish proverb: “A woman, who excuses herself, is self-accusing herself”!

Coming now back to the title of this view/comment, I remind you of  the French saying: “All are not hunters that blow the horn”, correct?

So what does the French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault want to tell us? I guess it is better not to speak, like Ms Merkel – who doesn’t remember the former East Germany espionage and  eavesdropping cases, not to mention the infamous  Stazi archives? The cold war supposedly ended, well it has never ended! Did I hear you say Greece too? Remember in Greece the late Mr. Tombras’** case… when the PASOK Socialists came in power? Remember what happened only recently with shipowner Pericles Panagopoulos’ case*** vis-a-vis the use of high tech devices??? And what about the aftermath…

I could relate dozens of cases involving “naughty” business behaviour, espionage and infidelity. Surveillance and passing on business secrets around is the name of the game. I know cases which have marked my life too! Sometimes I pretend I am unaware… but you know when the shit hits the fan… how I have reacted!
OK in love and in war everything is permissible, but, do not cheat continuously and harm the other side, as she/he, one day, out of the blue, will strike with such a ferocity, that not even a fiction or non-fiction book can describe… Simply: do not overstay your “welcome…”

Do enter my business communications – you do it anyway and in any way, but don’t spread my secrets around as when caught I can assured you will be smashed and ridiculed, in the same way a woman or man turns against and ridicules**** her/his unfaithful  partner when the finding becomes public knowledge. Cheating in both instances is one thing, dignity and the justifiable reprisals***** yet another! Mind the incalculable repercussions and the excessive use of force… Remember the case of the   Greek military seal whose wife had a leg over by her  superior who blackmailed her; a Commodore of the Hellenic Navy? Her husband seal, one of Danny’s boys made up the Commodore beyond recognition. The Commodore was ousted from the Greek Navy and his wife and children  denied him! Hurray!

On the other hand, I cannot accept all this political nonsense that no one is listening to, or listening to under the proviso of an xyx Act of parliament of any country or in infidelity all this palaver of human rights and independence and all that crap****** that “… you have been following me, spying on me…” etc. etc. or … “You open my computer in the office or at home, my mobile etc etc…”

In both cases, sometimes bankruptcies are due to espionage and destruction from your opponents; equally in personal matters mind whom you bed with, mind the “friends” and those who want to discredit you and your family; they have a purpose for doing so!

I know the harsh truth, the reality for business and private life cases; one of business behaviour and business/industrial espionage and one of infidelity!

In both cases, the losers were those who ill planned and deceived the other side. In the business case the man lost everything and was reduced to rumbles….and then lost his life: died!!!! In the second, the unfaithful man died in his new family and those next to him behaved like pigs, despite the good he did to all of them. In my view, he deserved such a death for betraying his wife, who was the spearhead of his success! As I have stressed many times, particularly lately, we must have the courage and dignity to behave unjustly when it is left to us to judge and let those business traitors and infidels/cheats die hard!

Spending a lifetime creating a successful shipping business (and any other business) or having inherited same from your forefathers (as most shipping businesses stand today) and see same being destroyed overnight through espionage, deceit etc, is something against which you have to fight your corner and expose everybody, any Tom, Dick and Harry who… rub shoulders with bankers and the hoi polloi, but are bastards and traitors of the worst kind; life is full of them: b e w a r e and keep your cards close to your chest.

Equally in marital issues of infidelity, cheating and deceit:  make it a hell without being noticed. Then expose all involved. You see, I mention all involved and let the collateral damage do the trick: many people in our society think now twice before they cheat! Then, use my method: Living well is the best revenge.-

Ever since the Watergate affair we all know of the cliché : “to deep six”, when it was claimed at the hearings that someone had been instructed to deep six vital incriminating documents, which had been thrown into the Potomac river…. Now then, shall we search in the Thames, in the Seine, in the Elbe… Do we believe in Vorsprung durch Technik (literary meaning: advantage through technology”?) Ms Merkel, the floor is yours!

Ending this point of view, as you read these lines the asylum saga of the fugitive Edward Snowden continues… Shame! Of course we see openly and without any remorse the Hispanic/Latin war against the Anglo-Saxon world continuing to this day and age! Hasta la vista??? Or see you later alligator…


A Greek island in the Eastern Aegean Sea
** The then CEO of the Greek telecommunications company 
*** Special equipment was used and the head of Greek Intelligence had to resign – instead of being honoured as he found what was going on!
**** Meaning destroy you in any way, particularly psychologically so that you won’t be able to see yourself in the mirror
***** It’s like winning a court case for a million dollars, but the damages in your favour top up the 10 billion dollar bill; so in other words your opponent/competitor or the infidel/cheat case loses far more than anticipated…
****** Crap, yes crap! The Americans love it!

P.S. During my national service I have served also in signals and telecommunications, so I know well what is going on, but traitors and scoundrels should be treated accordingly respectively… Being also a former competitive ship sales and purchase shipbroker, enhances my capabilities in knowing how competitors etc. spy on us…


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