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Hot Port News from GAC

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In this HOT PORT NEWS, read about:
* Singapore, Singapore – Mooring/unmooring of vessels at mooring buoys
* Hong Kong, all ports – Fatigue at work affecting safe navigation

DATE: July 16, 2013
COUNTRY: Singapore
PORT: Singapore
Mooring/unmooring of vessels at mooring buoys

The reclamation at Pulau Tekong commenced in Sep 2007 and will be completed
by Mar 2015. During this period, bulk carriers and self propelled barges
carrying sand in bulk will be transiting the East Johor Strait to Pulau
Tekong reclamation project area.

Mariners shall keep a proper lookout for these vessels and navigate with
extra caution in the East Johor Strait especially when in the vicinity of

A maximum of one bulk carrier will be moored at the mooring buoys at any
one time. The mooring  and unmooring of vessels will be carried out in the
daylight hours (0630 to 1900hours) during the period of reclamation work.

Besides the TK-MB3 and TK-MB4 buoys which were laid on 08 Feb 13, two
additional buoys  TK-MB1 and TK-MB2 buoys have been laid on 28 Jun 13. The
mooring buoys will be removed upon  completion of the reclamation.

1 deg. 20.273’N / 104 deg. 04.733’E
(Yellow polyethylene buoy/ Fl .Y.4s.)

1 deg. 20.394’N / 104 deg. 04.588’E
(Yellow polyethylene buoy/ Fl .Y.4s.)

1 deg. 22.146’N / 104 deg. 02.524’E
(Yellow polyethylene buoy/ Fl .Y.4s.)

1 deg. 22.269′ N/ 104 deg. 02.380’E
(Yellow polyethylene buoy/ Fl .Y.4s.)

(For information about operations in Singapore contact GAC Singapore at

Source: Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore Port Marine Notice No.94
of 2013

DATE: July 16, 2013
COUNTRY: Hong Kong
PORT: all ports
Fatigue at work affecting safe navigation

An accident occurred at about midnight on a local passenger ferry whilst on
a scheduled voyage from Central Pier to Cheung Chau had resulted in a
number of passenger injuries. Five crew members had been working on the
vessel since morning. It was their 15th voyage on that day when the
accident occurred.

While the ferry was sailing at a speed of 22.5 knots at the Western
Fairway, the coxswain and the assistant coxswain claimed to see a white
light of a fishing boat crossing ahead of the ferry from port to starboard.
The coxswain then steered the ferry to port for about 30 seconds to avoid
collision with the fishing boat. This maneuver was however not in
compliance with the Collision Regulations.

The investigation revealed that the ferry had never returned to its planned
route after taking such maneuver, and had maintained off-course by about
105 degrees. It was noted from the CCTV record that both the coxswain and
assistant coxswain appeared to be fatigued and did not take proper look-out
over this entire period. As a result, the ferry went into the North Lamma
Anchorage and hit the anchor chain of a vessel at anchor with a speed of
about 20 knots. The collision caused injuries to 11 passengers onboard the

The fatigue and inappropriate action of the coxswain and the assistant
coxswain of the ferry were the contributing factors to the accident:
a) a proper look-out had not been maintained and the positions of the ferry
were not checked regularly;
b) fatigue appeared to have set-in on both the coxswain and the assistant
coxswain probably due to their long working hours causing them to fall into
a state of drowsiness momentarily.

To avoid recurrence of similar accidents, owners and operators of all local
vessels, particularly those adopting the operation mode that requires long
duty hours of the masters/coxswains, are reminded to ensure that the duty
rosters of masters/coxswains should be provided with sufficient rest
periods during operation to avoid fatigue.

(For information about operations in Hong Kong contact GAC Hong Kong at

Source: Government of Hong Kong SAR Marine Department Notice No.83 of 2013
dated 15 July 2013

* Please note that this report was received late on July 16th and therefore it was published today.

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