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Caution: World shipping markets are down!

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John N. Faraclas

John N. Faraclas

The following are the main points from the latest John Faraclas live over the phone from Milos island interview to Niki Lymperakis of SBC TV last Friday, the 26th of July 2013; please click below, listen and comment:

Niki Lymperakis entered the interview with the shipping markets saga as well as with the Chinese and Eurozone nations situation, both being contradictory news.

Faraclas maintained the view of the dropping markets as same are reflected in the BDI down at 1, 082 points from  1, 138 from the 19th of July . He stressed the fact that the site’s analysis and predictability come out verbatim right!

The Chinese bubble with many shipyards in tatters and with Korean yards also in problematic situations things according to Faraclas look bleak.


The shipfinance is difficult today and Faraclas preserves that the good shipowner is the one whom the banks call and give him/her money

The above and other matters you can listen in Greek and soon with  English subtitles 

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