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EEDI certification from GL for the entire NSC fleet

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GL-logoHamburg,  9 August 2013 – The NSC Group has commissioned the voluntary “Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI)” certification of its entire fleet from Germanischer Lloyd (GL). GL verifies the globally valid EEDI environmental and efficiency standard for vessels and is planning the certification of the NSC fleet according to the “EEDI Statement of Compliance (SoC)”. A total of 53 ships of the NSC Group – including 31 container ships, four tankers, four bulkers and 14 multi-purpose vessels – are to receive an EEDI SoC from GL within the next few months.

As a result of continuing overcapacity, rising fuel prices and new environmental regulations, shipping companies not only have to maintain the competitiveness of their existing fleets. They also need to significantly improve their efficiency, in order to be able to hold their own against optimised, newly constructed vessels.

Innovative ship design is a key factor for shipping companies when it comes to upgrading their fleet. But they also need proof of the efficiency of these new ship designs from an independent authority. The implementation of the EEDI performance indicator and the voluntary certification of the entire fleet by GL enables the NSC Group to highlight the ultra-modern design of its fleet.

“The EEDI reflects the energy efficiency of ship design by weighing the environmental effects, i.e. the CO2 emissions, against the commercial benefit. In this way it provides a benchmark against which the efficiency of a ship can be measured, ” explains Dr Jörg Lampe, Systems Engineering & Risk Management at GL. Having an EEDI score which can be compared to the existing global fleet, can put a ship in a favourable position on the charter market.

GL has already issued EEDI SoCs for eight of the NSC Group’s container ships. Their EEDI results are very promising: of the EEDI figures verified to date for the eight container ships, all are at least 10% below the average for the global fleet. With the best designs achieving an EEDI figure that is 20% below the reference line.

“We have already scored some very pleasing results in this respect. But we still have not reached the top of the flagpole in terms of the EEDI figures. We are also aiming to achieve additional potential savings in the operation of our vessels through efficiency enhancing measures, such as GL’s trim optimisation software ECO-Assistant, which is already installed on our fleet, ” says Heiko Meyer, Managing Director of NSC, commenting on the successes of EEDI implementation to date at NSC.

About the NSC Group

As a service provider in the field of maritime shipping, the NSC Group operates a modern fleet comprised of container and multi-purpose ships, bulkers, conbulkers, car carriers and tankers,  which meets the highest standards. The aim is and remains to meet the requirements of customers and investors to their fullest satisfaction by providing outstanding services and to steer them on a safe course.

About Germanischer Lloyd

Germanischer Lloyd (GL) offers classification services of plan approval, inspection and certification of materials and components as well as technical assessments of ships in service. GL is dedicated to providing high quality services, which ensure the safety of life and property at sea, and minimise impacts on the marine environment. As a classification society GL is particularly strong in the classification of container ships, multi-purpose vessels, tankers, bulk carriers, high-speed ferries, cruise ships, mega yachts and sports boats. GL’s experts serve as advisors to governments, the IMO, flag and port states. The group is committed to a smarter, safer and greener future of shipping.

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