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The Markets: tricky days ahead…

by admin
John N. Faraclas

John N. Faraclas

With the BDI closing yesterday Friday 16th  at 1.102 points, up 11 points from the previous day and 101 points from  the 9th of August – thanks to the 299 plus points “obtain” from the Capers and with all other  indices (BPI, BSI and BHSI) on a downward trend – meaning the markets are still sick, we enter a very dangerous period. The Wets, are pretty much the same; down too; John Faraclas writes:

Take cover over the unravelling Egyptian saga  which as you read this very message continuous to evolve and it might become another ultra dangerous flash point pulling together the dark forces of civil and international conflict to a unique melee .

Watch the Suez Canal and somebody’s pre-emptive interference to protect its vested interested supported by Far Eastren interests; be careful with Gibraltar and be cautious on Turkey’s ticking bomb.

On another note pleased to see the Bundesbank ordering all German shipping lenders to send quarterly reports on their shipping portfolios… watch closely the German pre-election period and hope for a National Government in Greece to push over real reforms and stop the austerity Mrs. Angela Merkel, Mr. Wolfgang Schäuble at al pursue in the most inhumane way, whilst they know who the culprits are. Nemesis is ante portas, wake up Mrs. Merkel – same applies for Mrs. Christine Lagarde!

Have a nice weekend…

P.S. Next time Santorini’s electricity is cut-off as well as the water supply from the desalination plant due to lack of electricity and thousands of locals and tourists suffer, you don’t know what’s going to happen! Watch this space!

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