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In this HOT PORT NEWS, read about:
* Angola, Soyo – Temporary moving of navigation buoys
* Singapore, Singapore – Repair of floating sea barrier off Poyan Reservoir

DATE: September 03, 2013
PORT: Soyo
Temporary moving of navigation buoys

With immediate effect until further notice, the following navigational
buoys will be moved approximately 40m outwards from the Pululu channel to
facilitate dredging operations within the channel.

The new positions of the buoys are as follow;
Buoy No. 1A     06° 04.4’S / 12° 20.1’E
Buoy No. 2A     06° 04.4’S / 12° 20.3’E

All vessels are requested to navigate with caution and proceed at slow
speed when transiting this area or in the vicinity of the dredger ‘TSHD
Reynaert’ whilst she is engaged in dredging operations.

All vessels are requested to communicate with the survey vessel “Myna or
Miss Tuffy” prior to passing them to avoid interfering with survey

Up to date information on operations will be available through Soyo Port
Control on VHF Channel 11.

(For information about operations in Angola contact GAC Angola at

Source: Soyo Maritime Authority Safety Notice No.20/2013 dated 3 September

DATE: September 03, 2013
COUNTRY: Singapore
PORT: Singapore
Repair of floating sea barrier off Poyan Reservoir

Repairs will be carried out to the floating sea barrier off Poyan
Reservoir, East of Tuas Checkpoint Bridge, from 5 September to 31 December.

According to the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore’s POrt Marine
Notice No.115 of 2013 dated 3 September, the works will be conducted 24 hrs
daily – including Sundays & Public Holidays – within the area bounded by
the following coordinates (WGS 84 Datum):
A) 01° 22.988’N / 103° 39.427’E
B) 01° 22.925’N / 103° 39.333’E
C) 01° 22.525’N / 103° 39.083’E
D) 01° 22.383’N / 103° 38.917’E
E) 01° 22.183’N / 103° 38.875’E
F) 01° 21.500’N / 103° 38.433’E
G) 01° 21.327’N / 103° 38.337’E
H) 01° 21.226’N / 103° 38.371’E

The repair works will entail dismantling, cleaning, repair and re-laying of
floating barrier.

A safety boat will be deployed in the vicinity to warn other crafts to keep
clear of the working area.

Craft involved in the works will exhibit the appropriate local and
international day and night signals.

When in the vicinity of the working area, mariners are reminded to:
(a) keep well clear and not to enter the working area;
(b) maintain a proper lookout;
(c) proceed at a safe speed & navigate with caution;
(d) maintain a listening watch on VHF Channel 22 (Jurong Control); and
(e) communicate with Jurong Control on VHF Channel 22 for assistance, if

For information about operations in Singapore contact GAC Singapore at

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