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In this HOT PORT NEWS, read about:
* Germany, Kiel Canal – Lock chamber repairs complete
* Germany, Kiel Canal – Possible strike update
* Singapore, Singapore – Soil investigation off Tuas View: revised working
* Turkey, Turkish Straits – Northbound cargo vessel grounded
* Panama, Panama Canal – New gates for expanded Panama Canal arrive

DATE: September 06, 2013
COUNTRY: Germany
PORT: Kiel Canal
Lock chamber repairs complete
Repairs to the small lock chambers at Brunsbuttel have been completed and
both are now back in operation with immediate effect.

(For information about operations in Germany contact the GAC UK Hub Agency
Centre at hub.gb@gac.com)

Source: Sartori & Berger – GAC network agent

DATE: September 06, 2013
COUNTRY: Germany
PORT: Kiel Canal
Possible strike update
Operations in the Kiel Canal are expected to be affected by the national
strike called starting at 0600 hours on Monday (9 September).

Restricted lock capacities are expected to be available – one big lock
chamber each side – at Brunsbuettel and Kiel-Holtenau. Transits should be
possible in limited volumes, however delays are possible.

According to press reports, the strike action will continue until Sunday 15

(For information about operations in Germany, contact the GAC UK Hub Agency
Centre at hub.gb@gac.com)

Source: Sartori & Berger – GAC network agent

DATE: September 06, 2013
COUNTRY: Singapore
PORT: Singapore
Soil investigation off Tuas View: revised working period
The working period for soil investigation works off Tuas View has been
revised. The work will now be carried out from the 9 September 2013 to 8
January 2014.

According to the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore’s Port Marine
Notice No.117 of 2013, the works will be conducted 24 hours daily –
including Sundays & Public Holidays – at the following marine borehole
co-ordinates within LNG/LPG/Chemical Gas Carrier
anchorage and its vicinity (WGS 84 Datum):
BH-57A20) 1° 13.288’N / 103°38.500’E
BH-57A21) 1° 13.296’N / 103°38.526’E
BH-57A22) 1° 13.288’N / 103°38.552’E
BH-57A23) 1° 13.296’N / 103°38.577’E
BH-57A24) 1° 13.288’N / 103°38.603’E
BH-57A25) 1° 13.296’N / 103°38.628’E
BH-57A26) 1° 13.288’N / 103°38.654’E
BH-57A27) 1° 13.296’N 103°38.680’E
BH-57A28) 1° 13.288’ 1/03°38.705’E
BH-57A29) 1° 13.296’N / 103°38.731’E
BH-57A30) 1° 13.288’N / 103°38.756’E
BH-57A37) 1° 13.296’N / 103°38.936’E
BH-57A38) 1° 13.288’N / 103°38.961’E
BH-57A39) 1° 13.296’N / 103°38.987’E
BH-57A40) 1° 13.288’N / 103°39.013’E
BH-57A41) 1° 13.296’N / 103°39.038’E
BH-57A42) 1° 13.288’N / 103°39.064’E
BH-57A43) 1° 13.296’N / 103°39.089’E
BH-57A44) 1° 13.288’N / 103°39.115’E
BH-57A45) 1° 13.296’N / 103°39.141’E
BH-57A63) 1° 13.124’N / 103°39.471’E
BH-57A64) 1° 13.103’N / 103°39.487’E
BH-57A65) 1° 13.076’N / 103°39.489’E
BH-57A66) 1° 13.055’N / 103°39.505’E
BH-57A67) 1° 13.030’N / 103°39.515’E
BH-57A68) 1° 13.028’N / 103°39.488’E
BH-57A69) 1° 13.011’N / 103°39.468’E
BH-57A70) 1° 13.013’N / 103°39.445’E
BH-57A71) 1° 12.996’N / 103°39.429’E
F4-BH-14) 1° 13.188’N / 103°39.292’E
F4-BH-21) 1° 13.079’N / 103°39.290’E
BH-57A31) 1° 13.296’N / 103°38.782’E
BH-57A32) 1° 13.288’N / 103°38.808’E
BH-57A33) 1° 13.296’N / 103°38.833’E
BH-57A34) 1° 13.288’N / 103°38.859’E
BH-57A35) 1° 13.296’N / 103°38.885’E
BH-57A36) 1° 13.288’N / 103°38.910’E
BH-57A46) 1° 13.288’N / 103°39.166’E
BH-57A47) 1° 13.296’N / 103°39.192’E
BH-57A48) 1° 13.288’N / 103°39.217’E
BH-57A49) 1° 13.296’N / 103°39.243’E
BH-57A50) 1° 13.288’N / 103°39.269’E
BH-57A51) 1° 13.296’N / 103°39.294’E
BH-57A52) 1° 13.288’N / 103°39.320’E
BH-57A53) 1° 13.296’N / 103°39.345’E
BH-57A54) 1° 13.288’N / 103°39.371’E
BH-57A55) 1° 13.296’N / 103°39.393’E
BH-57A56) 1° 13.296’N / 103°39.415’E
BH-57A57) 1° 13.269’N / 103°39.416’E
BH-57A58) 1° 13.248’N / 103°39.433’E
BH-57A59) 1° 13.221’N / 103°39.434’E
BH-57A60) 1° 13.200’N / 103°39.451’E
BH-57A61) 1° 13.173’N / 103°39.452’E
BH-57A62) 1° 13.152’N / 103°39.469’E
F4-BH-10) 1° 13.188’N / 103°38.571’E
F4-BH-11) 1° 13.188’N / 103°38.751’E
F4-BH-12) 1° 13.188’N / 103°38.931’E
F4-BH-13) 1° 13.188’N / 103°39.112’E
F4-BH-18) 1° 13.079’N / 103°38.643’E
F4-BH-19) 1° 13.079’N / 103°38.858’E
F4-BH-20) 1° 13.079’N / 103°39.074’E
BH-51A0) 1° 13.288’N / 103°37.375’E
BH-51B) 1° 13.288’N / 103°37.430’E
BH-52A0) 1° 13.288’N / 103°37.483’E
BH-52B) 1° 13.288’N / 103°37.538’E
BH-53A1) 1° 13.288’N / 103°37.618’E
BH-54A0) 1° 13.288’N / 103°37.690’E
BH-54B) 1° 13.288’N / 103°37.731’E
BH-54C) 1° 13.296’N / 103°37.755’E
BH-55A0) 1° 13.296’N / 103°37.806’E
BH-55A1) 1° 13.288’N / 103°37.833’E
F4-BH-04) 1° 13.188’N / 103°37.491’E
F4-BH-05) 1° 13.188’N / 103°37.671’E
F4-BH-06) 1° 13.188’N / 103°37.851’E
BH-32C) 1° 14.281’N / 103°37.322’E
F3-BH-19) 1° 13.886’N / 103°37.195’E
BH-48B21) 1° 13.296’N / 103°37.092’E
BH-48B22) 1° 13.288’N / 103°37.118’E
BH-49A0) 1° 13.288’N / 103°37.161’E
BH-49B) 1° 13.288’N / 103°37.215’E
BH-50A0) 1° 13.288’N / 103°37.268’E
BH-50B) 1° 13.288’N / 103°37.320’E
F4-BH-02) 1° 13.188’N / 103°37.131’E
F4-BH-03) 1° 13.188’N / 103°37.311’E

Soil investigation works will be carried out by means of borehole drilling
using jack-up barges. A jack-up barge will be working on only one borehole
at any one time.  The jack-up barge, with tug boats in attendance, will
have a circular safety working zone of 50 meters radius centered at the
barge. Tugboats will be used for shifting the barge from one borehole
location to another. Safety boats will be deployed in the vicinity of the
working areas to warn other craft of the project work.

Craft involved in the works will exhibit the appropriate local and
international day and  night signals.

When in the vicinity of the working areas, mariners are reminded to:
(a) keep well clear and not to enter the working areas;
(b) maintain a proper lookout;
(c) proceed at a safe speed and navigate with caution;
(d) maintain a listening watch on VHF Channel 22 (West Jurong Control); and
(e) communicate with West Jurong Control on VHF Channel 22 for assistance,
if required.

For information  about operations in Singapore contact GAC Singapore at

DATE: September 06, 2013
PORT: Turkish Straits
Northbound cargo vessel grounded
A cargo vessel was grounded in the Bosphorus around Beykoz at 04.30 hours
local time this morning (6 September) whilst on her northbound voyage.

A tug escort (Kurtarma 4 ) was employed by the coastal safety and
southbound traffic continued as normal.

For information about operations in the Turkish Straits contact GAC
Istanbul at turkey@gac.com

DATE: September 06, 2013
PORT: Panama Canal
New gates for expanded Panama Canal arrive
In a major milestone for the Panama Canal Expansion Program, the first four
gates for the new locks arrived from Port of Trieste, Italy, to the
waterway’s Atlantic side on board the semi-submersible vessel STX Sun Rise
[on 5 September]….

…the first four gates measure 57.6 meters long, by 10 meters wide by
30.19 meters high, and each gate weighs an average of 3, 100 tons. They will
be installed in the middle chamber of the new locks on the Atlantic side.

The steel gates will be transported to their final position using the same
self-propelled motorized wheel transporters (SPMTs) that are used to load
and unload them from the ship.

The new locks of the expanded Panama Canal have a total of 16 rolling gates
(eight for each new lock complex). The gates are being shipped four at a
time from Italy. They will be unloaded onto a temporary dock until ready
for installation. Unlike the current Canal, which uses miter gates, the
expanded Canal will have steel rolling gates….

….The Panama Canal Expansion is 62% complete. It involves the
construction of a third lane of traffic allowing the passage of
Post-Panamax vessels, which will double the Canal’s capacity and have an
important impact on world maritime trade.

(For information about operations in the Panama Canal contact GAC-Wilford &
Mckay at gac-wilformckay.panama@gac.com)

Source: Extract from Panama Canal Authority Advisory to Shipping
No.A-24-2013 (Monthly Canal Operations Summary – August 2013) dated 5
September 2013

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