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New series of short development courses is launched by CBS Executive following Blue MBA research initiative

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Prof. Filippo Lorenzon

Prof. Filippo Lorenzon

New series of short development courses is launched by CBS Executive following Blue MBA research initiative

Privately-owned foundation CBS Executive has launched a series of intensive short courses which will appeal to time-pressed senior executives in the maritime, logistics and associated industries.

First in the series will be a two-day course ‘Speed-Learning Shipping’ led by Dr Martin Stopford, on November 4 and 5 2013. The second has been fixed for November 28 and 29 and will deal with ‘Charterparties and Bills of Lading: Law and Practice, ’ with Professor Filippo Lorenzon as lecturer.

Both will take place at the CBS Executive premises at Porcelaenshaven 22, Copenhagen.

This new contribution to top-level maritime education recognises that executives in shipping and shipping-related organizations are seeking better ways to get to grips with the complexities of their industry, and looking for more efficient ways of running their own enterprises, compatible with making the best use of their limited and valuable time.

Research carried out for the Executive MBA Program in Shipping & Logistics (the Blue MBA) at Copenhagen Business School found that industry leaders whose time is at a premium saw a clear need for short and effective courses. Irene Rosberg, the Blue MBA program director, says: “The success of our Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics has already demonstrated our ability to enhance high-level education, knowledge-sharing and strategic thinking among younger and mid-career management.  The new, supplementary offering will allow busy executives rapidly to gain new insights into specific areas.”

Dr. Martin Stopford

Dr. Martin Stopford

CBS Executive was formed in 2009 as a result of the merger between Scandinavian International Management Institute and HHE, a privately owned foundation with special relations to Copenhagen Business School. It offers a wide range of international learning programs.

The ‘Speed-Learning Shipping’ short course will offer participants a broad understanding of the global shipping business.

Day 1 will focus on business organization, shipping cycles, trading markets, and how to build a forecasting model.  Day 2 looks at companies, their financial structure, and the liner, bulk and specialised shipping businesses. There will be regular feedback sessions allowing participants to review each stage of the lectures, and the lessons to be drawn.

Dr Stopford has served the maritime industry for 41 years, during which he has been director of business development at British Shipbuilders; global shipping economist with Chase Manhattan Bank NA; chief executive of Lloyd’s Maritime Information Services; and executive director of Clarksons plc. He retired from Clarksons in May 2012 and is currently non-executive president of Clarkson Research Services Ltd.

His works include Maritime Economics 3rd edition, the widely used text book published in January 2009, and many papers on shipping economics and ship finance.

The course on charterparties and bills of lading will provide practitioners in the different segments of the shipping industry with a general overview and a practical insight into maritime law.  The shipping industry is heavily regulated and draws its revenue from a complex network of contractual undertakings.  Delegates will have the opportunity to learn the key aspects of maritime commercial law and the way it affects the everyday life of the industry.

Topics will include charterparties and bills of lading, time charters, voyage charters, carriage of dangerous cargoes, chartering in the oil and gas industry, laytime and demurrage, bills of lading in the bulk sector, claims under the Hague Visby Rules, and the Rotterdam Rules.

Prof Lorenzon is Associate Professor in Maritime and Commercial Law at the University of Southampton Law School, the Director of the prestigious Institute of Maritime Law and a consultant with Campbell Johnston Clark Ltd. in London. He is has written extensively on maritime law in works  including Baatz et al ‘The Rotterdam Rules: a practical annotation’ (London, 2009); Lorenzon ‘CIF and FOB Contracts’ 5th edition (London, 2012); Lorenzon & Coles, ‘The Law of Yachts and Yachting’ (London, 2012) and Lorenzon & Debattista, ‘The sale of Ships under the Singapore Form’ (Singapore, 2013).


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