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ITF invests staff and money in charity ‘Big Row’

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The Big Row. London Sept 11 2013

The Big Row. London Sept 11 2013

17 September 2013 – The ITF and the ITF Seafarers’ Trust have donated a total of GBP10, 000 (USD15, 000) at a fundraising event for an African maritime charity where support also came in the shape of a 17-strong ITF/Seafarers’ Trust team.

The event, held in London, UK, featured 76 teams of volunteers who took part in a giant land-based rowing competition designed to raise GBP1 million (USD1.6 million) for the Chauncey Maples project – a charity aiming to take healthcare direct to communities using the continent’s oldest motor vessel.

The ITF team ‘rowed’ 10 km to help raise the funds that the charity needs to equip the 1899-built steamship the Chauncy Maples as a floating clinic that will provide health services and HIV/AIDS education for the seafarers, fishers and other communities living on the shores of Lake Malawi. Last year the Seafarers’ Trust donated GBP120, 000 (USD190, 000) towards the charity – which you can find out more about by visiting www.chauncymaples.org.

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