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The London Hellenic Centre

The London Hellenic Centre

The first day of this timely and well prepared two-day international conference at London’s Hellenic Centre attracted over 150 delegates –  a major success, given it is a Friday, and will continue with its Shipping as well as Energy & Renewables Energy sessions tomorrow!

Minister Yiannis Maniatis

Minister Yiannis Maniatis at the podium


After the welcome introduction by Prof. Dinos Arkoumanis and Dr. Kostas Andriosopoulos, and without any further ado, the first session begun on “Energy and Geopolitics: Importance of Oil and Gas development in the Eastern Mediterranean” where amongst the speakers was Yiannis Maniatis, Minister of Environment, Energy & Climate Change, Hellenic Republic who’s 18 points presentation was brief and explanatory, despite the audiences’ different approach to the subjects/issues he mentioned.

Dr. Kostas Anriosopoulos with Prof. Dinos Arcoumanis

Dr. Kostas Andriosopoulos with Prof. Dinos Arcoumanis

The second session on “Energy, Oil and Gas: Prospects of Oil & Gas Exploration and production in Greece, Cyprus, Israel and the eastern Mediterranean” was chaired by George Kremlis; speakers included Theodore Mesimeris, Harris Samaras, Mandouh G. Salameh and Vlassis Voudouris. A very interesting session too.

After launch the third session on “Energy, Ports and Logistics: Eastern Mediterranean Natural Gas Exports – pipeline and LNG/FLNG options”, chaired by Dr. Kostas Andriosopoulos was very intriguing. Alexis Kyriakoulis from Hollman, Fenwick and Willan, George D. Cambanis, George Kokotis, Alexandros Lagakos and Spiros Papaefthimiou delivered well construed papers.

l to r: Nikolaos Sofianos, Anthony Batrzokas, the session's chairman Patrick Gougeon, Leonidas Drollas, Tatiana Mitrova and Antonios Panagiotopoulos

l to r: Nikolaos Sofianos, Anthony Batrzokas, the session’s chairman Patrick Gougeon, Leonidas Drollas, Tatiana Mitrova and Antonios Panagiotopoulos answering questions during the Q&A time.

The day ended with Session’s four speeches and debate with an over ten questions discussion under the theme: “Energy, Oil and gas: A Macroeconomic Perspective in the Eastern Mediterranean region” chaired by Patrick Gougeon of ESCP Europe Business School. Anthony Barzokas, Leonidas Drollas, Tatiana Mitrova, Antonis Panagiotopoulos and Nikolas Sofianos formed the speakers team.

A networking reception with a light buffet and traditional Greek wines followed giving the chance to all for another debate…

The above and tomorrow’s sessions will be fully covered sometime next week.

Congratulations to the organisers City University London and the Research Centre for Energy Management at the ESCP Europe Business School, as well as their sponsors Holman, Fenwick , Willan and the Hellenic Centre, the media partners and supporters, excellent.

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