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BIFA gives qualified support to IMO container weighing decision

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Peter Quantrill

Peter Quantrill

The British International Freight Association has given qualified  support to last week’s decision by a sub-committee of the International  Maritime Organization to approve a compromise proposal for verifying the  weight of containers before they are loaded onboard ships.

The IMO sub-committee approved draft guidelines giving shippers two  methods to verify the weight of a container – either by weighing the  packed container, or by weighing all packages and cargo items and then
adding the tare mass of an empty container.
“The compromise proposal was most probably the best possible outcome and  BIFA will now work with its members to work out how they comply with the  requirements of the new rules when they come into force, without adding  significant costs or causing supply chain delays, “ says BIFA Director
General, Peter Quantrill.
“BIFA notes that the proposal still has to navigate several stages  through the IMO’s legislative process and, if successful, will most  likely not come into force before May 2017.
“We understand that the draft guidelines will now be forwarded to the  IMO’s Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) for approval in May 2014, and  assuming that approval is forthcoming at that meeting, be formally  adopted at a further meeting of the MSC in May 2015. It is usual for  there to be a 24 month waiting period before SOLAS amendments take effect.
“Clearly the implementation of the new rules is a lengthy process that  should give the industry time to adapt and allow our members time to  make sure that they continue to comply with their responsibilities to  make accurate cargo declarations.”
About BIFA
The British International Freight Association (BIFA) represents UK  companies engaged in the international movement of freight by all modes  of transport. A not-for-profit organisation, BIFA is funded by  subscription and run by its members for members. It operates with a  full-time Secretariat, which administers and manages the Association’s affairs.  BIFA provides an effective and proactive organisation dedicated to  improving standards of professionalism within the logistics and supply  chain industry.

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