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HELMEPA supports the institutionalization of “Environmental Education Week”

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 Photo_1The Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association-HELMEPA welcomes the Ministry for Education’s initiative to institute the second week of October to be “Environmental Education Week” throughout the student community across the country.

HELMEPA has stood by teachers from the day the Ministry first established Environmental Education in schools. Indeed, from the outset of this institution being put into practice, the Association supplied many of these schools with educational material. Besides this, the “HELMEPA Junior” Program, revised each year and which has been since 1993 and continues to be today, approved by the Ministry, and is offered free of any costs to schools participating, will contribute to the success of the new initiative.

That the State is now institutionalizing drawing competitions across schools, acknowledges the efforts of approximately 50, 000 children in Greece who have until today participated in the “HELMEPA Junior” drawing competitions over the past 20 years. Artworks from these competitions past will be showcased at an exhibition hosted by the Hellenic Maritime Museum between 23rd October and 22nd November 2013 at Marina Zeas in Piraeus. In the second week of October, HELMEPA will take its “Marine Environment and Sciences Awareness Campaign” to the city of Thiva, the ninth stop of the Campaign. There, it will offer the student and teacher communities, as well as the wider public, a Workshop on Environmental Education and a 2-week-long Exhibition in the spirit of the Ministry’s new initiative.

Every year, HELMEPA will contribute to the success of the Ministry for Education’s endeavor by enriching the Action Plan distributed to the children-members of the “HELMEPA Junior” Program, as appropriate.


The future belongs to our children and it is they who can pave the way towards the achievement of “Sustainable Development” in our country, which especially today, it is in so much need of.

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