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‘Captain Phillips’ and the current state of piracy

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‘Captain Phillips’, the film about the American seaman played by Tom Hanks and the hijacking of his ship by Somali pirates, will open the London Film Festival tonight, October 9th.

Even though piracy off the Horn of Africa seems to have disappeared, the threat is still latent. Piracy has not been eradicated, it has just been suppressed and pirates are biding their time, waiting for the West to relax its guard to strike again.

Maritime security company GoAGT can provide immediate comment on the current piracy and maritime security status and provide interviewees for radio and television.

What GoAGT can comment on:

  • Piracy in West Africa, Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean
  • Hijacking, kidnapping and ransom and product theft from tankers by pirate action groups
  • Current counter piracy measures
  • The state of piracy and maritime security in general
Who can comment: Gerry Northwood OBE, COO of GoAGT
Former Captain of the Royal Navy, an acknowledged expert in counter-piracy, Gerry has a wealth of maritime experience. His 30 year Royal Naval career includes command of the UK Counter-Piracy Task Group and Assistant Chief of Staff, EUNAVFOR.

About GoAGT – http://goagt.org/
GoAGT Ltd. (Gulf of Aden Group Transits Ltd.) has been in continuous operation since 2008 and has achieved an enviable 100% success rate on over 1600 Armed Security Transits throughout the Indian Ocean. Annually GoAGT provides over 50, 000 man days of protection at sea and since commencing operations we have protected in excess of 38, 000 seafarers.

GoAGT now employs over 300 personnel and at any one time between 160-180 security personnel are deployed. GoAGT recruits from the UK Royal Marines, Parachute and other Army regiments with front line experience, as well as the Irish Navy, Estonian Army and Filipino Marines.

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