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Load unit securement at record speed

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LESCologne, October 17th 2013 – The development of new systems for the protection of products on a pallet for many companies is still very difficult and expensive.

Rainer GmbH has developed a new system for securing load units of drums on a pallet. The so named LES system allows the securement of large and small drums on a pallet within 8 seconds. This is a world record! The process costs for the creation of the load unit securement can be reduced considerably. The system is initially designed for reusable within a company with internal or external storage areas.
The LES system is roadworthy certified by the University of Gent/Belgium.

Rainer GmbH is a leading company in load securement equipment with headquarter in Cologne. In close cooperation with customers, systems for loading units and complete load in oversea containers are being developed.

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