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Kidnapping of US citizens off Nigeria was avoidable

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The attack on a US-flagged platform supply vessel C-Retriever by pirates off Nigeria’s coast, which resulted in two US citizens being kidnapped, could have been completely avoided maritime security firm GoAGT has said.

Nick Davis, CEO of GoAGT, said: “The Edison Chouest-owned supply vessel was navigating a short distance off Brass, in Nigeria,  on Wednesday 23rd when it was attacked. This is a recognised high risk area. It is imperative that vessels have incredibly competent crews, well trained in radar and visual lookout, 24hs a day in this region and that they are not multi-tasking, untrained or fatigued seafarers on the bridge.”

“All vessels trading or supporting operations in this area should have a citadel and a highly trained reactive crew.”

He added: “This attack resulted in the Captain and Chief Engineer being kidnapped. It was completely and utterly avoidable, and a sad end to a day.”

In a separate incident this week, a Joint Task Force (JFT) Nigeria security boat was also allegedly attacked by militants in Nigerian waters, resulting in all JFT personnel being killed and weapons stolen.

About GoAGT – http://goagt.org/
GoAGT Ltd. (Gulf of Aden Group Transits Ltd.) has been in continuous operation since 2008 and has achieved an enviable 100% success rate on over 1600 Armed Security Transits throughout the Indian Ocean. Annually GoAGT provides over 50, 000 man days of protection at sea and since commencing operations we have protected in excess of 38, 000 seafarers.

GoAGT now employs over 300 personnel and at any one time between 160- 180 security personnel are deployed. GoAGT recruits from the UK Royal Marines, Parachute and other Army regiments with front line experience, as well as the Irish Navy, Estonian Army and Filipino Marines.

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