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* Philippines, all ports – Typhoon brings devastation to Leyte province

DATE: November 10, 2013
COUNTRY: Philippines
PORT: all ports
Typhoon brings devastation to Leyte province

Thousands are feared dead in the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan, one of
the most powerful storms on record to make landfall, swept through six
central Philippine islands on Friday (8 November). It brought sustained
winds of 235km/h, with waves as high as 15m and up to 400mm of rain in

Worst hit was the Leyte province. In its capital, Tacloban), the storm
destroyed homes, schools and an airport and ships were washed ashore. There
is no clean water or electricity, and very little food. City administrator,
Tecson Lim, has been reported as saying the death toll in Tacloban alone
could be as high as 10, 000. City officials said they were struggling to
distribute aid and looting was widespread.

Neighbouring Samar island was also badly affected, with reports of 300
people dead and 2, 000 missing.

Communication is still limited in many areas.

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