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The markets: down but… stable

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John N. Faraclas

John N. Faraclas

The markets: down but… stable

John Faraclas’ live interview last Friday the 22nd  of November to Lilian Margaritis of SBC TV gave the chance for all to listen to the reality and a warning that : Shipping will be for the few and the Greeks.

The  BDI’s further, but stable fall, down to 1, 483 points – down 34 points since the previous week will make a lot to think about the risks involved in all fronts for the years to come, unless somebody stimulates, “regulates” and streamlines the world economy and conversely trade and its major mean of transport: Shipping (tramps and liner)!

The ups and downs of the Capers and conversely the BCI index cannot in any way dictate and formulate the market. The Markets needs money to take off. On the other hand one has also to see the liner container trade and the war that is going to come out. Caution was again Faraclas’ message!

The Wets (BDTI and BCTI) were also on a downward modus and it remains to be seen what the climate change will bring as well as the new ways of producing energy substances and the North (Arctic Sea).

The IMO’ s award and ceremony for the International Maritime Prize – which went to Dr. Thomas Mensah, was also discussed.

Transec, The International Transport Security Conference at Olympia and the coming IMO’s General Assembly week were also two points of Faraclas’ reference to events in London; Shipping’s administrative capital..

The above and other matters can be heard in the video above and soon with subtitles in English. We look forward to your written comments.

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