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Art Exhibition Westbourne Grove

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Image Pop up Art Exhibition-WestbourneWEARABLE Art London presents: Pop Up Art Exhibition with Nariman Fadakar and THE COLOURKID

Wearable Art London is our online showroom and is sponsoring yet another gallery show presenting contemporary art, a variety of prints, massive silk scarves and other accessories. All the artwork is unique and exclusive to our brand @ www.wearableartlondon.com. Wearable Art London epitomizes the ideal platform for emerging artists and art evolution. We take the artwork and present it in a different form although maintain its artistic qualities.

The Artists: The two artists share a collaboration of a mural on Portobello Road where they were asked to participate in the Notting Hill carnival 2013 and combine their vision. Now they are joining forces again and presenting us a show where they articulate with colour, emotion and powerful spiritual symbolisms through the means of contemporary graphic art.

Nariman Fadakar @ www.narimanfadakar.com
Nariman Fadakar is a contemporary artist from West London. His work is characterised by the use of strong colours, with a vibrancy inspired by Iranian family and cultural life. He studied at the Chelsea College of Art and Design and graduated from London Metropolitan University in Design Studies.
Nariman will be presenting his signature silhouette collection, introducing new pieces. He gives his silhouettes movement and form by reflecting in them symbols of the contemporary man-made urban environment, juxtaposed with organic patterns from nature. He expresses this contradiction by inverting the outside in and filling the hollow silhouettes with colour and design, demonstrating the parallel interplay of the two worlds of inside & outside, organic and linear. The conflict between the man-made world and nature’s sublime could motivate a debate on environmental and social contemporary issues. These are subtly portrayed through symbols in his paintings and create a composition of internal chaos of a spiritual and a social complex. In an irregular society he tries to find symmetry and while he is trying to solve the conflict between the two parallel worlds, he finds a refined way of making them co-exist harmoniously and ties them together, achieving aesthetical order. With aspects of art nouveau & art deco, Nariman Fadakar’s art is a colourful eye catching experience.

The Colourkid @ Colourkid@wwwthecolourkid.com
Nunzio Citro is a contemporary artist, born in London in 1984. He started out as a chef, until finding his way into Jamie Oliver’s 15 apprentice programme at the age of 18. From Cecconi’s restaurant in Mayfair, he changed his career path and turned to photography capturing the early UK hip-hop scene and photographing interviews and performances. From there he moved to cosmetic surgery photography and meanwhile began to develop his painting.
As a result of a broken ego he started creating paintings of women until his art took a turn and evolved into an eclectic collection of symbols of life patterns. These manifested from recycling imagery that he had used in previous works and he then started combining all the unique symbolic references into one, to bring about an explosion of colours and inspiration. The Colour kid, a powerful colourful presence from Camden Town, is a believer of the 5 symbols that embody life and its functions: Knowledge, Love, Time, Space and Change. True to his own journey and spiritual path he questions life, spirit and his existence.

  • From 5th – 24th December 2013. Open daily from 11am to 7 pm.
  • Private Event: Thursday 12th December 2013. Time: 6pm-9pm
  • Location: 287-289 Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill, W11 2QA, London

*Come and put your name down for a chance to win a free scarf*

In conjunction with St. John’s Hospice, we provide donation cards in-house.

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