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Does economic recovery mean more maritime jobs?

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Faststream_logoGlobal maritime recruiter Faststream asks whether or not economic recovery is being translated into improved global maritime employment levels in the latest issue of the company’s magazine Streamline.

Features in this edition:

Top level hires signpost way to recovery? 
Faststream’s executive search division has been taking more calls than ever before from company chairmen keen to ensure that their firms are best positioned to take advantage of the upswing and that their management teams are fit for purpose.

Local hires rule
How is the push to localisation impacting maritime businesses in Singapore?

Growing candidate confidence
Movement in the job market, particularly amongst UK based maritime service providers

Contracting offers way out of recession
Why Faststream believes that maritime recovery in the USA will be underpinned by a new way of flexible working

Seafarer surge
Faststream explains how some employers are taking a more sophisticated approach to hiring seafarers

How to attract the right candidates
How one Glasgow based maritime employer is upping its game to attract the best candidates

See owl.li/rePEk for full details.

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