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NAPA and SDARI expand their co-operation to encompass ship performance monitoring

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Hu Jin Tao SDARI_Juha Heikinheimo NAPA

Hu Jin Tao SDARI_Juha Heikinheimo NAPA

Collaboration expansion aimed at meeting increasing demand for ship performance monitoring

SHANGHAI – 3 December 2013: Shanghai Ship Research and Design Institute (SDARI), the leading ship design company in China and NAPA, the global leader in maritime software solutions and services for ship design and operations, have agreed to expand their co-operation to cover ship performance monitoring.

The enhanced agreement will extend an existing co-operation that includes the application of NAPA software to SDARI’s ship design processes and NAPA’s Loading Computer, which enhances safe operation and maximisation of a vessel’s cargo carriage capacity.

Ship performance monitoring has been added to partnership’s scope in response to a shift in focus in the maritime industry from capital expenditure costs to operating costs, amid sustained high bunker prices. Demand for tools that provide ‘real time’ performance monitoring has risen sharply; playing a critical role in supporting ship owners, operators and charterers as they seek to optimise operational efficiency during the lifecycle of their vessels.

SDARI President Mr Hu Jintao said:

“I am very pleased to have expanded SDARI’s co-operation with NAPA. By working in collaboration, SDARI and NAPA can build a reputation as the leading supplier of ship performance monitoring solutions to the market. SDARI’s vessels are already designed to industry-leading standards, but in order to increase competitiveness in an industry increasingly focused on cutting operating costs, we hope to introduce NAPA’s performance monitoring solutions to demonstrate the superior operating efficiency of our designs.”

NAPA President Mr Juha Heikinheimo said:

“We are honoured to confirm the expansion of our co-operation with SDARI, China’s leading ship designer. Broadening the scope of our partnership enables us to serve the ship owners and operators even better by helping them to monitor and analyze actual ship performance. Ship owners and operators have significant savings potential of up to 30%, which can be achieved with better designs and more efficient, well-planned, monitored, analysed and optimised operations. NAPA solutions offer comprehensive tools for efficient operations and, in addition, a possibility to prove the superiority of the modern eco-designs and provide valuable feedback to the design process.”

Established in 1964, Shanghai Merchant Ship Design ? Research Institute (SDARI), member of the China State Shipbuilding Cooperation, CSSC, stands out as China’s first merchant ship design institute with the vastest variety of ship types, world’s leading technical edge and the most innovative and stable technical team.

In the past over 50 years, SDARI never hesitates to adopt new concepts of research and design, keeps pace with the development of world’s top technology, continuously developing in high-tech, high-value-added and specialized vessels. In China, SDARI is a clear leader in research and design of Bulk-Carriers, Container Vessel, RORO Ferries, Ocean-Engineering Vessels, Floating Docks, Salvage Vessels and Offshore Support Vessels. SDARI’s designs have been exported over 40 countries and regions worldwide. SDARI, with over 100 clients, owns the largest market share in domestic China.

About NAPA

NAPA is the world leading software house supplying solutions for ship design and operation with a mission to improve safety and eco-efficiency of the global maritime industry. With a solid track record in setting new standards for 3D modelling of ships and ship performance analyses, NAPA’s philosophy is that true eco-efficiency starts with the build process and continues through the operational lifecycle of a vessel.

NAPA software are used by shipyards, owners, designers, classification societies, research institutes, authorities, consultancies and universities. NAPA has 400 user organizations for the design application and nearly 1, 700 installations onboard.
For more information, visit www.napa.fi

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