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Hydrex Special End of Year Offers

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hydrexlogoThe end of the year is fast approaching. And along with it, the last chance to use the rest of this year’s repair and maintenance budget for your ship(s). This is not simply a matter of using available funds which cannot be recovered. A failure to use your full budget for this year could impact next year’s budget negatively, as you know. If there are needed repairs or maintenance to be done, they should be fitted in now, before the end of the year. It’s probably too late to go to dry-dock but there are many repair and maintenance jobs that can be done in the water rapidly. Probably more than you think. There is definitely still time for that.

What sort of repairs/maintenance are is meant?

·         Propeller cleaning/polishing

·         Propeller Boss Cap Fins (PBCF) installation (great savings to be made from this with very short pay back times!)

·         Full hull inspection (and any needed follow-up)

·         Propeller straightening or cropping

·         Bow thruster removal/repair

·         Stern tube seal replacement

·         Rudder repairs of all kinds

There may be others you can think of.

Hydrex divers/technicians are available all through the Holiday Season on short notice to do any or all of this maintenance or repair work without the cost and hassle of having to dry-dock your ship(s). They will travel to the ship.

And to make your remaining budget go further, between now and the end of the year Hydrex is offering 10% off their normal fees for these jobs.

Don’t leave this until it is too late. Don’t waste your allocated budget or risk a lower budget next year while needed repairs/maintenance could be done right now, on this year’s budget.

Call one of the Hydrex offices today to discuss your specific situation, schedule needed underwater maintenance/repair and claim your 10% discount on the work. There is no time to lose.


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