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Supporting* the inland waterways and canal touring – a lovers world!

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DSCN1563Contemplating from the sunny family house seaside veranda, sipping my home-made masticha liquor, on the places and events as well as experiences of 2013 – and before, my mind flew back to Amsterdam, a city rich in maritime culture and of course one of the cities of love to all… intents and purposes, which we re-visited earlier this month. If you are looking for an alternative lovers’ experience, experience Amsterdam from the water and surprise yourself during an hour cruise along all the highlights of the Amsterdam Canals to… unwind from the day to day shipping business life in the Square Mile or the Akti Miaouli waterfront or the sky-scrappers of New York, Shanghai, Singapore or Yokohama. An unforgettable cruise fulfilling the dreams of your life; this is cruising Amsterdam with the Lovers boats…

Having been to almost all canals in the world at different times over the last six decades, from Venice to Oslo, from Rostov-na-Donu in Russia to Stockholm in Sweden or those in the far east, such as the Bangkong Klongs or the Suzhou canals in China, to name but a few, I had to have a repeat in Amsterdam and guide my love to an unforgettable tour…

As in the liner trade, where age is immaterial, same applies for the lovers, they are lovers of every age, colour, nationality or profession and they all encounter the cupid’s magic tour in the tranquil waters of the unique Amsterdam canals.

The videos which are included herein, will give you a glimpse which will make you eager and experience what we experience during the otherwise tempest prevailing weather in Europe earlier this month! On board the Toon Hermans, we were taken along the beautiful imposing canal-side houses with clock, spout and neck cables, the Zevenbogenbruggengracht, the Magere Bridge over the Amstel, the VOC ship, the Docs and the Amsterdam National Maritime Museum, ah! And a good glimpse of the red light district too… enjoy…Happy New Year 2014!

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