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In this HOT PORT NEWS, read about:
* Angola, Soyo – Tug and Tow Operations

DATE: January 04, 2014
PORT: Soyo
Tug and Tow Operations

This notice serves to advise Owners, Operators, Agents and Masters of any
‘Tug and Tow’ bound to the Port of Soyo, Kwanda Terminal the following
minimum requirements shall apply;

* Tug and Tow operations are subject to compulsory pilotage.

* Soyo Pilot will board seaward of the Pululu Channel.

* Operations will be conducted only during daylight hours (from Civil Twilight).

* A harbour tug must be made fast to the stern of the tow before entering
the Pululu Channel.

* If the barge is not manned then the harbour tug must be able to pick up
and make fast to the Emergency towing pennant, if there is any doubt to the
suitability of this arrangement then the tow must be boarded by riggers
prior to entry.

* When towing astern it is recommended that the length of tow wire is
shortened up to the minimum safe length before entering the Pululu Channel.

* Due to the strong river current at the entrance to the channel and to
maximize the maneuvering space within Kwanda Basin tug and tows are
recommended to enter the port at High Water.

* A second harbour tug is compulsory to assist in the berthing operation.

The final decision and time of entry will be at the discretion of the Pilot
after due consultation and risk assessment.

(For information about operations in Angola contact GAC Angola at

Source: Soyo Maritime Authority Instruction 05/2014

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