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A dictatorship over workers at Qatar Airways

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ITF logo 23 February 2014 – Commenting on Johanna Karlsson’s expose on Qatar Airways, Gabriel Mocho, ITF aviation secretary said:

 “This excellent piece really gets to the heart of the issue for staff at Qatar Airways. Told by flight attendants, we hear about the surveillance, curfews and imprisonment of Qatar Airways crew. The invasion of privacy and extreme rules are all upheld with fear.  The policy of persecution towards employees whether current or dismissed is clear. When Qatar Airways were approached for comment on the article, they demanded the names of the workers involved rather than attempting to defend their position. The three cabin crew telling this story didn’t dare give their names – a testament to the long-term effects of this regime. Despite their claims to be one of the world’s most luxurious airlines, Qatar Airways runs on the systematic denial of individual freedom; this shames the whole industry.”

To read the story in Swedish newspaper Expressen on working conditions for Qatar Airways workers in Doha see www.expressen.se/nyheter/sanningen-bakom-lyxen-pa-qatar-air


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