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A view from the CERES hall way..

A view from the CERES hall way..

Young learners from Primary schools across the Attica prefecture continue their visits to HELMEPA’s two permanent environmental exhibitions this year with a zealous enthusiasm. The exhibitions are hosted at the building of the notable Ceres company and that of member-company Costamare Shipping Company SA in Palaio Faliro, Athens.

Evaluation of responses given to questionnaires completed by students and teachers at the end of each visit reveals that the levels of interest of both young and old regarding the state of the environment, and specifically of the marine environment and coastlines, have not declined.

We have garnered the various written teacher comments and it is with a particular sense of pride, that we publish the following. They are just some of the comments from a total of 85 educators who have accompanied 1, 400 students to both HELMEPA Exhibitions from the beginning of the current school year.

...and at COSTAMARE's hall way the exhibition

…and at COSTAMARE’s hall way the exhibition

7th Primary School of Galatsi: “In such difficult times, it is truly a blessing for our students to be offered such a comprehensive program, complete with both information and play, in a sophisticated environment and for free no less!”

10th Primary School of Kallithea: “A warm welcome combined with an interesting and substantial program, which drew and maintained the students’ attention without wearing them out”.

16th High School of Athens: “Our experience was, I would say unique. A fascinating Exhibition; we learnt so much in such a short amount of time. We thank you”.

26th Primary School of Piraeus: “Congratulations for your efforts. We hope you are able to continue to offer this work…for as many years as it takes for a plastic bottle to be recycled!…”

6th Primary School of Acharnes: “An outstanding presentation given by the HELMEPA staff member, marvelous facilities and of course, an especially positive bonus of offering transport to and from the Exhibition gratis, which enabled students from lower socio-economic backgrounds to come along and enjoy learning about the activities of the Association”.

7th Primary School of Glyfada: “We warmly thank you for the exceptional presentation! Given the difficult times in which we live, the transportation of our students to and from the Exhibit free of charge was key to our participation. Continue your efforts as we need more citizens to be aware of these issues and who are armed with an ecological conscience”.

5th Primary School of Petroupolis: “Extremely positive impressions…I think your efforts have reached their culmination and that you have already found in my students, the volunteers who will help you achieve your goals in working towards a brighter future for the oceans. You have managed to convey the idea of a sustainable marine environment to young learners. Congratulations!”

8th Primary School of Nikaia: “Today was the second time that we participated in the Program and just as last year, it is deserving of many congratulations! Besides the absorbing information provided and the constructive updates given, the politeness and patience of the presenter was invaluable…”


HELMEPA will continue to host student visits to the Exhibitions throughout the remainder of the 2013-2014 school year and wishes to thank its Members, Companies and Organizations within the shipping industry, for supporting this environmental and educational initiative aimed at the younger generation continuously since 1984.

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