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Pirates and Sea Rovers…err Corsaires if you like the French version…

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

Piracy et al of any kind, including terrorism is as old as the world we live in – it is also an endemic pandemic which has risen, given the fact that it always existed, with tough and effective means being the only solution of any determined and honest world leader to eradicate (the international community as such is, at best, speechless on the issue – results speak for themselves). John Faraclas writes:

We intent to bring to the attention of our international viewers special articles and points of view, as well as historic facts, as, what we see today is old piracy revisited – whoever doubts this, needs to be seen by a group of psychiatrists.

We will refer to worldwide piracy, what happened in the Mediterranean  and Black Sea, particularly in the Eastern  Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea during the dark years of Ottoman Rule – who were the protagonists and how they operated in the Greek Archipelaga, The Barbarossa brothers, The Knights, the sea battle of Nafpaktos, the Christian pirates and corsaires. We will then attempt to make references to the Greek pirates and corsaires, what is the difference between these two groups – this part in particular happens today! What was the scenario and what happened during the Russian-Turkish wars and its aftermath; the powerful merchant Greek fleet – the preamble to the Greek Revolt against the “mighty” Ottoman Empire. Another major report will be that post the 1770 period with Lambros Katsonis’ “corsairs” and operations in the Aegean, the vision of the Greek Revolution and of course opposing views for the then super powers strategic interests in the region. How the Greek Island in The Aegean Archipelago become deserted – the world must be reminded; Piracy during the Greek Revolution – the Kapodistrias’ plan to eradicate same (piracy); the role of Admiral Miaoulis. What happened and happens in the Caribbean, the Indochina and all the adjacent regions…

Other matters to be covered will be that of architecture and civil engineering due to piracy and the intrusion of corsairs with particular reference to Sifnos and Chios (Anavatos) – both islands in the Aegean Sea. The role of Manis’ pirates (south of the Peloponnese). Slavery of course will be mentioned vis-à-vis piracy as well as slavery, trade of slaves and prostitution – degrading of human rights to the worst extend with the inclusion of poetry too. There will be a major reference to the despicable case of Kimolos during the end of the 17th century.

The world of arts too, paintings – gravures in particular and theatre included will be also analysed.

The technical point of view with shipbuilding and the respective types of ships.

The final reference will be Piracy today – a brief analysis and comparison with all previous themes referred above.

We are sure that many scandals surface today worldwide and it is good to read and understand the causes and ways of operation. Let’s not forget that in Plato’s Republic there is a passage of eight pages referring to piracy, maritime fraud et al – issues worth reminding the world that they still exist today and enough is enough. Given as mentioned above how Piracy and Terrorism are in my view interwoven, it is about time we look properly and tackle the issue with sheer professionalism. We will also bring you views from various anti-piracy specialists, and I mean this, real specialists as one issue we have to overcome today is that of who deserves to be an armed guard on board ships, which companies or better say how can a security company be compatible with these very sensitive issues and be awarded the certification and grades to operate – licensing/ vetting (including political and naval ones), a very difficult business which will bother us for the foreseeable future. Add illegal immigration and “protected” immigration under the cover of political asylum… and see what comes out of it in any society which “receives” quotas of various immigrants, rich or poor…

The issues we intent to bring to the shipping fraternity and beyond are…beyond Somalia and the entire Indian Ocean, beyond the South China Sea, beyond Indonesia, beyond West Africa with Guinea and Sierra Leone and other nations’ sea and coastal areas there, beyond the Caribbean, beyond South America. As we all heard on TV last night add the money laundering business, where three countries where mentioned: India, Malaysia and China, with one trillion dollars money laundering and tax evasion business and you will understand why we have chosen this particular period to open the Pandora Box of Piracy and Terrorism Revelations… Needless to say the mentioning of the drugs issue too which greatly “contributes” and it’s included. The shipping fraternity must be concerned given also the mentioning that ships passing through the Malacca Straits,  whether they are clean or not, in other words whether electronic inspections take place and not just the provision of just seeing documents…

We welcome any suggestions and contributions too so that all our viewers in www.allaboutshipping.co.uk and the world at large learns and intervenes to change this despicable situation which costs firstly human lives, specifically seafarers, raises the costs of transport and many more issues which if properly and with determination tackled will improve our world.


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