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WSS Duct Air solution: better air quality onboard

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DuctAir117 March 2014  Better air quality onboard  – Wilhelmsen Ships Service (WSS) has launched a highly innovative but simple solution to  assist shipowners in meeting one of the demands of MLC2006. The Duct Air Treatment,  showcased for the first time at APM Singapore this week, is an anti-bacteria block which  works within HVAC systems onboard vessels to stop the spread of invisible mould, bacteria  and viruses. Hilde Hvaal Durban, WSS product marketing manager for marine products  says:

“The block works by sterilizing and sanitizing the entire onboard air conditioning  system, including both the air passing through the system and the air handling unit,  ducts and diffusers. It is 100% natural with no maintenance or energy costs and is  quick and easy to install, with no need for installation equipment or training”.

The cleanliness of onboard air conditioning systems is crucial to the health and well-being of  passengers onboard ship and as such, makes up part of the MLC2006. According to Svenn  Jacobsen, WSS Technical Product Manager Refrigeration, marine HVAC systems are ideal  breeding grounds for bacteria, viruses and mould and as such, it is vital that they are well maintained.

DuctAir2He says:
“All mould and yeast spores should be regarded as potentially allergenic. Repeated exposure to high concentrations of spores from any number of species can lead to crew sensitisation and in worst cases, acute and chronic health problems. Because the Duct Air Treatment facilitates fast and easy disinfection, it works to prevent the
spread of disease onboard and improve air quality significantly.”

WSS will exhibit at this week’s APM Singapore on Stand BB18 (Norwegian Pavilion)

Wilhelmsen Ships Service is part of Wilhelmsen Maritime Services, a Wilh. Wilhelmsen group company. It
has the world’s largest maritime services network, with 4, 500 marine professionals servicing 2, 200 ports in
125 countries. Wilhelmsen Ships Service supplies safety products and services, Unitor products, Unicool
refrigerants, Unitor and Nalfleet marine chemicals, maritime logistics and ships agency to the maritime
industry. Last year the company made product deliveries to 24, 000 vessels and handled 67, 000 port calls. For
more information, see wilhelmsen.com/shipsservice

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