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Thome Ship Management introduces Competence Management System from Seagull

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Frank Pete

Frank Pete

Thome Ship Management has migrated its existing Thome Competence Management System (TCMS) into the Seagull Competence Manager online platform to manage its ever-growing demand for crew training and gap identification.

Thome Ship Management is a dynamic provider of integrated ship management services to the international shipping and offshore industries. Based in Singapore, and celebrating 50 years of service, the Thome Group of Companies represents a unique combination of the best elements of Scandinavian shipping tradition with the modern drive of Asian business enterprise.

The new regime covers the global shipmanager’s full technical management services, extending to 300 vessels supported by over 600 shore staff and a pool of 10, 000 seafarers globally.

After several years of using another software vendor to manage its Competence Management System, Thome has transferred over to Seagull Competence Manager platform. The process involved a system clean-up, review and restructuring of defined competences, which are ship and rank specific. Seagull also assisted Thome in the integration of the Thome Competence Management System with their Crew Management system.

“We have been using the Seagull CBT Training System onboard our vessels for the past few years and have been very satisfied with the products and services offered by Seagull, ” says Sartaj Gill, Head of Group Training, Thome Ship Management. “Since we saw the need to improve the functionality of the software platform last year, we decided to transfer our competence elements and assessment results to Seagull’s Competence Manager allowing our employees to use one system for both training and assessment. We are very happy with the cooperation with Seagull during the process and are confident that we now have a solution that fully covers our needs”

Building a competent crew through continuous training, gap identification and assessment is the key to improving ship performance. The Seagull training and competence system has been designed for easy use by crew members, as well as giving managers ashore a full overview of each seafarer’s development and level of competence allowing them to identify candidates ready for promotion.

“When Thome Shipmanagement made inquiries to change their IT platform to manage their Competence Management System we were able to demonstrate that our solution is the best available and is a working solution already used by many other major shipping companies, ” says Frank Pete, Director Software Systems, Seagull AS . “We were happy to take on the challenge as we see every such opportunity as a way to learn more about industry requirements and needs. We acknowledge our partners to be the most powerful resource to guide us on how to improve our products and services to ensure they have the most efficient tools available to solve their challenges. We look forward to continuing to work with Thome Ship Management on developing the competence of their seafarers and our systems and services.”

About Seagull
Seagull AS is the leading provider of e-learning for the marine industry offering a comprehensive library of more than 200 titles for regulatory compliance and improved seafarer knowledge. Our STCW and ISM code compliant training is used by more than 350, 000 seafarers every year on board 9000 ship and offices worldwide and we have issued over 50, 000 approved onboard course certificates, making us the world’s largest educational institution in the maritime industry. Founded in 1996 by experienced mariners we have grown into a financially solid and dynamic company in partnership with leading shipping companies and ship managers to deliver a full range of assessment and management tools that ensure meeting and exceeding statutory requirements from IMO and other industry bodies.

Our mission is to enhance maritime competence by effective training and assessment solutions and deliver value through quality and excellence in customer service.

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SHAHID March 21, 2014 - 3:40 PM

Fm: Concord Shipping & Trading Agencies, Chittagong, Bangladesh

Subject: Appointment of Shipping Agency in favour of our company to act as your
General Agents at Chittagong & Mongla Port in Bangladesh

Dear Sir,

We are pleased to put forward our Profile and agency Proposal and would request to you to let us avail an opportunity to serve your good Organization, as General Agents for your good vessels calling at Chittagong & Mongla port in Bangladesh on be half of your good Company. In this connection, we are pleased to introduce ourselves as Government Licensed Steamer agents & as well as crew manning/ recruitment our registered office is located at Chittagong, we have licensed branch offices in other Ports Chittagong/Mongla including 2 (two) adjacent ports. With our experience in the shipping industry for over 25 years which include our previous shipping employments, our Company has successfully completed since started of Shipping Agency with satisfaction of many principals/Chatterers etc.

Apart from bulk, break-bulk & container ships & oil Tanker etc, we gathered ample experience in handling /operating the ship carried of verities types of general cargo (like yellow maize, black matpe, green mung beans, bagged rice, soda ash, salt, UN Peace Mission various goods under private & Govt. organization, loading and exporting, Steel cargo, loose scrap, Fertilizer, Rock Phosphate, TSP etc.) Specially Handling for Govt. Cargo under BCIC, BADC, BPC, CMS FOODS Department & TCB etc. Cargoes for Fertilizer in Bags/Bulk, TSP, Rock phosphate, Sulfur, Food Grain Wheat in Bags/Bulk etc. for delivery Grain Silo, Rice in Bags & Sugar for delivery in CPA Main Jetty Berths, GAS Oil delivery under BPC nominated Tank terminal at Padma, Meghna & Jamuna from various ports under several types of Principals / Owners / Charterers/Suppliers etc. FYKI, we have an additional experienced Technician/ Engineer /Bunkering who will follow up the ships repairing, rewinding supply, Chipping painting jobs and dry docking etc.

We understand, you are one of the largest Supplier’s, carriers, Shipper’s & shipping company for supplied & handling various kinds of cargoes too many countries including Bangladesh & other general / special cargo (Govt. organizations & private parties concerned etc. ) and we have required your good support and also confirm us in any kinds of business you are appointed us in Bangladesh in the general agents on behalf of your company for handling ship’s at Chittagong & Mongla port.
We take this pleasure to offer ourselves to be associated with you as your local shipping agents in Chittagong & Mongla port. We are confident of handling/operating your ships in Chittagong & Mongla port smoothly & successfully if we at all be entrusted with the job. Should you need any further information, please let us know for our compliance. if you require any quarries pls feel free contact with us. We are yet to hear from you.

Please note that usually bulk cement clinkers for Chittagong are discharged at Kutubdia or at Anchorage as well as Mongla discharged at Anchorage, Buoys Depending on requirements of particular importers, a very negligible number of vessels discharge cargo at jetty/mooring berth. In the Mongla port few importer’s discharged cargo clinker in their jetty berths within draught limit of the vessel.

Having our set up in Chittagong & Mongla in fully managed by professional managers & competent staffs. we are engage in handling of agency vessels and CFN agency for various owners/carriers/ Managers/operators/importers & exporters all over the world calling Bangladesh port with multi various bulk/ break bulk commodities and particularly for Feldspar/ Ball clay/ fertilizer/ Rice/ Salt/ Sugar/ Cement Clinker/ HR Coils/ CR Coils /Steel Goods /Steel Billets /equipment/machinery /Scrap Ship. Especially, we are smoothly handled “Tramp Vessels” and “Liner Vessels” operational works of various Government & Private agencies like as Customs (like as Customs, Import & Export Deptt., Group, Staff Section-Sec-78, Auction, Bond, and vessels inward & outward formalities upto obtaining P.C. for sailing), Port (CPA Bhaban, all sheds, Main Jetty Berths, CCT, NCT, CCJ, TSP, GSJ, RIVER MOORING & Outer Anchorage etc), Port Health, Immigration, MMD, Shipping Office, Quarantine Department, Agriculture Department, D.G. Shipping, BSC, BPC, BCIC, Environment Department, City Corporation, Exclusive Department, Food Department etc. etc. at Chittagong and Khulna /Mongla Port with good relations overall departments.

Please note that we are prepare reasonable Port Disbursements (PDA) Account for any types of vessels/cargoes and as well as containers etc etc. and also prepare SOF DDR’s Basis, Prepare vessels (discharging) daily Performance Report at Chittagong and Mongla Port & send to Principals/Owners of the vessel.

We are also Containers Handling Main Line Operators (MLO’s) and Freight Forwarder etc. with total satisfaction of the overseas
principals & local concerned parties respectively. It may be mentioned here that we shall be provided of our best and exclusive
services for overseas shippers/ suppliers/ Charterers/ principals/ with minimum commission etc.

In view of foregoing, would request your good selves to kindly proposed / recommended of our company as yours, Principals /Charterers / Suppliers to appoint as a disport agents etc.
1)* Shipping Agents & OPA on be half of – Owners / Charterers / Carriers / etc. (Cargo vessel for Bulk / Break Bulk / Feeder Vessel / Tanker / Container/ RO-RO / Navy Vessel / Liner vessel & Trump vessel / UN-AID Cargo operation / Booking/ Scrap, Demolition vessel handling etc.

2)* Specially Handling for Govt. Cargo under BCIC, BADC, BPC, CMS FOODS Department & TCB etc. (Delivery port as per terms & condition of the charter party in between Charterers, Owners, receivers etc.) Especially handled Govt. cargo all types of Fertilizer in Bags & in Bulk, TSP, Rock phosphate, Food Grain Wheat in Bags , in Bulk for delivery Grain Silo, Rice in Bags & Sugar for delivery in CPA Main Jetty Berths, GAS Oil delivery under BPC nominated Tank terminal at Padma, Meghna & Jamuna.

3)* Project & Heavy Lift Cargo Handling, with Survey/Drilling Project (Govt. & Private Parties etc.)

4)* Transshipment cargo handling for INDIA / NEPAL / BHUTAN / CHINA etc.

5)* SOC/COC operators, Consol LCL cargo to world wide destination.

6)* De-Consol LCL cargo and arrange smooth delivery of cargo from all over the World.

7)* International Freight Forwarding Agents of FCL/LCL.

8)* Containers buying and selling (used/new) MLO & NVOCC operators/operations.

9)* Crew Manning Agent / Crew Sign-on & Sign-off (Repatriation.) on board vessel.

10)* Stevedoring of cargo discharging /loading etc (Ship handling Operator, Berth Operator).

11)* Survey of Cargo discharging / Loading and vessel (Off Hire/On Hire & Conditions) on be half of Chatterer’s /Owners etc.

12)* Ship Repair works and Dry Docking arrangement etc. with Supplies of Ship Stores (Deck, Engine, Saloon, Electric, Paint, and all kinds of Food Staffs etc.)

13)* Bunker (IFO 180 CST, IFO 120 CST / MGO), Lub Oil Supply etc.

14)* Check Tally/Survey of cargo on be half of Owners/Charterers to protect Interest.]
15)* Transportations/Logistics/Carrying by Lighterage of cargo by the River’s on to Lighter’s / Coaster’s and/or by the Inland Haulage/Road on to Trucks, Trailers (Low bed, High Bed etc.), Cover Van etc. etc.Delivery Door to Door basis from Chittagong /Mongla port for imports. (as per requirements by the Chatterer’s, Owner’s, Shipper’s & Consignee’s etc. etc.)
*** Alternatively from Door to Chittagong /Mongla port and from Chittagong / Mongla to Port Door (3PL Service) Ship’s Hook point for exports. / imports

16)* Cargo Clearing & Forwarding (C & F) Agents (imports & exports). Shipments.

Our chartering & brokering dept is making good strides towards getting recognition from leading ship owners / owner’s brokers. Concord Shipping & Trading Agencies is communicating regular updated

Weekly cargo circulations on the direct firm cargoes available in Mediterranean, Red Sea, Persian Gulf, Arabian gulf, Bay of Bengal and Far east. We are enlisted ship broker of Bangladesh Shipping Corporation.

Concord Shipping & Trading Agencies has also established very cordial relations with the leading Chatterer’s of Canada/ UK/ Dubai/ Singapore/ Thailand/ Vietnam/Australia and cover their cargoes of rice, wheat, sugar, clinker, fertilizer, gypsum & etc.


Concord Shipping & Trading Agencies Group Company by share dealing with bulk trading & shipping agency services in Bangladesh. Concord Shipping & Trading Agencies) Group represents foreign principals for participate in the government tender and import of bulk fertilizers & commodities. Concord Shipping & Trading Agencies Group is one of the most experienced selling agents in the Fertilizer Business in Bangladesh. Concord Shipping & Trading Agencies Group also well connected with all major cement industries in Bangladesh.

Concord Shipping & Trading Agencies Group Specialize Product of FERTILIZERS: TSP, DAP, MOP, SOP, UREA, ROCK PHOSPHATE, ROCKSULPHUR, and COMMODITIES & FOOD GRAIN: WHEAT, RICE, SUGAR, CLINKER, GGBFS business in Bangladesh.

Concord Shipping & Trading Agencies Group also specializes for SHIPPING AGENCY SERVICES Shipping Agency Services like Monitoring Cargo Discharge, C& F activities, Arrange Lighter Vessel, Supervise Master Stevedore, Ship Chartering & Port Services, Cargo Handling & Bagging Services.

We are physical Bunker & Lubricants Supplier at Chittagong port in Bangladesh. We are supplying bunker to our valued principals since long time whose vsl are calling regularly at Chittagong port. Our bunker supply department permanent bunker supplier company of Orient Express Line / Bengal X Press Container Line Ltd / Sea Consortium Pvt, Mearsk Line, K-Line, Hanjin, Mitsuski Line, KMTC, YML, NYK Line, Hapang Lloyd, etc etc as when as require . We are always ensuring our bunker quality & quantity.

We Offer: -Premium Quality Bunker Fuel.
-Fuel Oil Compliant With ISO 8217: 2005.
-Own Bunkering Fleet.
-Flexible Prices.
-First Class Customer Care @ All Times.
-Swift Delivery And Superior Services.
Please find below our Company full style for your taking necessary action and doing the needful.
Concord Shipping & Trading Agencies
Road No: 1, Lane No: 6, Bushandara, R/A,
North Agrabad., Halisahar, Chittagong, Bangladesh.
TEL: +880 31 2525349 , TEL:/FAX: +880 31 2523694,
Mob: +880-1817 721 337, +880 1919387956
E-MAIL: shipping@rjtradingbd.com , info@rjtradingbd.com

PIC : Mr. Shahid Ullah [CEO]
E-mail : shipping@rjtradingbd.com, info@rjtradingbd.com
Cell Phone: +880-1817 721 337

Mr. Harun-Ur-Rashid Bhuiyan
Cell Phone: +8801919387956
Don’t hesitate to send us your req.
Your prompt reply will be much AP.

Please Keep This Mail For Future May You Need Any of Our Service. We have required your good support and also confirm us in any kinds of business you are appointed us in Bangladesh permanent agents on behalf of your company.
Should you need any more information, please let us know in blank point for our compliance.

Looking forward to hearing you.
Kind regards.
Cell Phone: +880-1817 721 337
Concord Shipping & Trading Agencies
Road No: 1, Lane No: 6, Bushandara, R/A,
North Agrabad., Halisahar,
Chittagong, Bangladesh.
TEL: +880 31 2525349 ,
TEL:/FAX: +880 31 2523694,
E-MAIL: shipping@rjtradingbd.com, info@rjtradingbd.com


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