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DFDS chooses GreenSteam™ fuel saving solutions

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gs installing_radar

Installing Radar

GreenSteam™, a technology company specialising in energy saving solutions for commercial vessels,
today announces that, after testing and comparing different solutions for dynamic trim optimization,
leading shipping and logistic company DFDS has chosen to install GreenSteam fuel saving solutions on
around 20 further vessels.

The vessels will be supplied with the on-board decision support solution, GreenSteam Optimizer that provides dynamic trim optimization. DFDS will also use the GreenSteam Manager solution for
performance monitoring of these vessels.

The relations between the vessel’s speed and energy requirements, and the ever changing internal and external conditions – like load, fuel flow, waves, wind and water depth – are analysed bysophisticated software with a specially developed mathematical model at its core. Trim and draft of the vessel are constantly optimized to give minimal propulsion resistance at all times.

gs screenshot with trim log

gs screenshot with trim log

The system guides the crew in real time through a touch screen console on the bridge. GreenSteam Optimizer is designed to react dynamically to changes in the ship’s condition and environment, making it possible to maximize fuel efficiency. Additionally, the vessel’s and each mariner’s performance can be monitored remotely from shore by the fleet operator via the online browser-based tool GreenSteam Manager.

Daniel J Jacobsen, CEO of GreenSteam said: “We are delighted that DFDS has chosen our solution. At GreenSteam we firmly believe that fuel efficiency can be improved by pioneering digital technologies,  and help companies in their pursuit of cost efficiencies and a greener approach to business.”

GreenSteam™ has recently secured a $2million investment from Castrol innoVentures, the strategic innovation arm of the leading lubricant supplier, part of the BP Group, to reinforce and accelerate its growth, as well as further market penetration of their cutting edge systems.

About DFDS A/S
DFDS A/S is a leading integrated shipping and logistics company in northern Europe with a network of 25 routes and 50 passenger and freight ships in the Baltic Sea, the North Sea and the English Channel,  with the logistics division providing transport solutions in most of Europe

gs_logo_and_slogan pngAbout GreenSteam™
GreenSteam is a technology company specialised in energy saving solutions for commercial vessels.
The vision of GreenSteam is to maximize the fuel efficiency of all vessels sailing our oceans.
GreenSteam fuel saving solutions are applicable to most vessel types and, based on experience from other customers, typically generate annual savings of more than 100, 000 USD per year per vessel.
Behind GreenSteam is a team of dedicated, highly educated engineers and scientists who have spent years of research to combine common-sense principles with advanced engineering to create a  practical, simple-to-use energy saving system making it possible to reduce fuel consumption by 4-5%  on average. The company was founded by three M.Sc. candidates from the Technical University of  Denmark in 2006 and is today based in the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic as well as in Copenhagen,  Denmark. www.GreenSteam.dk

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mojtaba soltani April 9, 2014 - 9:06 AM

Dear sir
I ‘m a marine ch/eng &interested the top subject, kindly send me more information.

Sudhir Jakhadie April 15, 2014 - 3:12 PM

Pl advise us more about the total scheme & achieved fuel savings of 4 to 5% with practical
Facts & figures. Please also advise us on ROI .
If convinced , we can certainly introduce your scheme to our marine customers. Please educate us to understand your scheme. Please log on to our web site to know about our activity….Thanks….Sudhir

Sudhir Jakhadie April 15, 2014 - 3:14 PM

Please advise us on more details & ROI details….Sudhir

Sudhir Jakhadie April 15, 2014 - 3:16 PM

Please send details…Sudhir


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