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Singapore: continuous development in all fronts

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JFaraclasAASSingapore2014Our team’s visit in Singapore is quite well-timed as it coincides with the Singapore Maritime Week which begun last Sunday the 6th of April and ends this coming Friday the 11th of April. This is one of the most important worldwide as the business swift to the east… with western flavour!

We have as you have heard and read in our last two Friday’s Markets and Geopolitical reports mentioned about this event. Singapore Maritime Week (SMW) is the leading maritime event in Singapore. Driven by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), is aim is to gather the international maritime community in Singapore for a week of conferences, dialogues, exhibitions and social events in celebration of all things maritime. As you read this brief report, the events enfold everyday, and you can see other’s too in other column of this medium, such as the TOC one!

Geopolitics pay an important role to the entire shipping industry not just to all, but for all intents and purposes and given the various parameters, Singapore’s eligibility is second to none: An upcoming shipping centre, a finance centre, an industrial centre too given the shipyards, the repair yards, the bunkering facilities, you name it! Above all a secure environment and a very vibrant and disciplined population in one of the world’s post important passages leading to the Strait of Malacca and the India-subcontinent region, needless to say Europe and Africa from the West and China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, the Philippines in the north east, needless to mention the adjacent Indonesia and Oceania …Australia/New Zealand; thus being the centre of close to five billion people and up and coming economies. Watch this space!

Stay tuned and log on to read for another three weeks reports from this area and its periphery.

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