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Fathom launch free magazine dedicated to ship efficiency

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Ship Efficiency_The InsightLONDON – April 16, 2014 – Maritime efficiency specialists, Fathom have launched a new quarterly magazine solely dedicated clean technology solutions and strategies for optimising ship efficiency.

According to Fathom, Ship Efficiency: The Insight was launched to provide vital insight into the clean technology market and present information around solutions and strategies for improving fuel performance and streamlining operational processes.

This free magazine provides a platform for knowledge transfer, hosting a wide-ranging blend of features, expert blogs, case studies and in-depth technology profiles.

Catherine McMillan, Director, Fathom explained “Streamlining and increasing the efficiency of operations, and maximising profits go hand in hand. However as simple as it may sound in theory, in order to practice what is being preached the industry needs as much easy-to-digest information as possible in order to act upon increasing the efficiency of ships and fleets – Ship Efficiency: The Insight is dedicated to doing just that”.

She continued “The maritime efficiency technology market is constantly yielding a vast array of solutions and this magazine aims to give readers regular insights and information on such solutions, condensed into a concise format for the convenience of all industry professionals”.

McMillan further explained “For each issue of this magazine we will aim to cover all aspects of the operational side of increasing ship efficiency from a practical and technical perspective. From machinery and technology through to financing and strategies, the magazine is a one-stop-shop for keeping ahead of the efficiency market, constructing ideas on improving efficiency and gaining insight into new frontiers and upcoming solutions and strategies”.


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