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Who’s talking about sustainable indices? Who’s mickey-mousing about in the Shipping Markets?

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

Who’s talking about sustainable indices? Who’s mickey-mousing about in the Shipping Markets!?And on top of anything else, jeopardizes the industry affecting the markets with colossal looses! See what the Banks have suffered and will further suffer and what funds, run by the glitterati who are are totally ignorant on Shipping business, how they will be floored down.

This is the seventeenth overview of the shipping markets and world events by John Faraclas from www.allaboutshipping.co.uk in London the 9 May 2014; the Greeks have a saying for today: “KAI O MINAS EXEI ENNIA”, a significant maxim.- 

  • The BDI closed down 11 points since yesterday the 8th of May at 997 points, which is 20 points down from the 2nd of May’s  closing at 1, 017, proving once again both our short and long time (term) prediction that there is no sustainability as the BDI index cannot maintain itself even above the 1, 000 points. It has not the strength yet; Full stop and period.  Overall this is a 55 centum loss of the BDI from its last high closing at the end of December 2013;  1, 230 points down!
  • The BCI, the index of the cape-size tonnage which bear the highest volatility, closed down 72 points since yesterday to 1, 547 points, which is 282 points  down since last week’s closing. As we have always maintained, one size cannot drive the markets up.-
  • On the antipode, the BPI was up 19 points to 898 points, which is 33 points up from the previous week’s 865 points; nothing spectacular here, given that this size governs more or less the market’s pulse. It’s the size which will determine, as and when the new wider/bigger Panama Canal is open, the real state of the markets. We remind you that a great percentage of what is called cyclicality evaporates as we will have new Panamax vessels dimensions and capacity… Let’s see what the new leader Senior Varela will do to ease the situation and see the canal resume its order with a faster pace in completion of the works for the benefit of humanity and not that of the few business hooligans looming in the background… By the way, in real terms,  over the last 20 years there isn’t any cyclicality like in the past!!
  • The BSI down 9 points since yesterday at 909, was also down six points from last week’s closing of 915 – remember it remained flat for a couple of days. Again no strengthening yet here.
  • The BHSI  more or less at the same levels of last week was down 2 points to 506 points, which is 4 points  down form Friday’s 2/5 closing at 510….  So, all in all a downwards dry market.
  • The wets at 665 the BDTI and 534  the BCTI where on an opposite up/down level respectively. Overall the Dirties where up  21 points and Cleans 60 points down.

Again Caution in all fronts.- Having said that, it is the right time to build more ships, not to create a further overcapacity, but to gain and sell when the market one day turns up. Those individuals or the available cash rich funds and banks will gain from their waiting game. We know when, but sorry, we won’t say this in public. We will let the various gurus and analysts make it a mess first and then we will step/move in!

UKRAINE going from worse to worse with more stand-offs and more dead from both sides. Unless something spectacular happens in diplomacy, expect the unexpected. Again we have warned you of what is to come, ever since the troubles begun. The Press and Media must exercise restraint as the shit will hit the fan! I know, the situation is simply an enigma; but we wont tell you more; just be on guard.

The aftermath of THE SEWOL disaster continues. Too many things at stake. Life cannot be regained with resignations. As this is a hot issue now, and before we see more disasters in many countries, its time here and now, Class societies and Port State Controls, to go all the way in and correct things that they don’t stand as they should!

The South China Sea is getting hotter and the confrontation there is inevitable; China, Vietnam, Japan, Malaysia, The Philippines, Indonesia, the Borneo Island nations might get in the melle.  Events speaks alone!

The WISTA 40th Anniversary with Maria Dixon’s faithful at Clyde’s and Co Auditorium on a great day debated vigorously the issue: “Is the Shipping Industry invisible? If so, whose fault is it?”  With the winners saying overwhelmingly that it is – a 75/25 centum score. Be available for the second major event up in Liverpool on the 16th of June with a round table on with the Shakespearean:  “To weigh or not to weigh that is the question!”  – A discussion “on undeclared container weights” and again the Debate on whether the Shipping Industry is invisible and whose fault is? The Theme – logo/maxim if you like it CAME BY SHIP highlighting the role that SHIPPING plays in the life of all of us, was, is a very well chosen topic. It’s about, all things been equal, time the public knows. The Image of Shipping must be raised and it’s the Press and the Media who spoil the broth!

The IMIF luncheon last Wednesday at the Baltic sponsored by the BV London office was excellent. Captain Pottengal Mukundan, Muku as he is known, gave a super slides presentation on “Bills of Lading and Trading Finance Fraud”. With nearly 30  from the City’s makers and shakers being present with very interesting questions, I am sure when you read the write up you will understand the importance. Jim Davis himself was also on a great day!

Posidonia 2014 is coming up, promising a great exhibition and many debates. As for the parties and receptions, well, why not, they strengthen our further development and the world’s most important  industry. Expect interesting times down in Athens!

Elections, local and European ones are to be held in Greece too prior to Posidonia and a lot will be there to judge from their outcome on where Greece, Hellenism is heading too…

Have a nice weekend!

You can also listen to the video herebelow, log on and enjoy; have a nice weekend!

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